Design and interior of a country house from Jodie Cooper Design

The interior of the country house rooms is also maximally simplified and made in natural colors, which enhances the state of harmony of people in it. One of the interesting findings in the design and interior of a country house has become unusual combinations of materials. For example, plastic siding and natural stone coexist in the facade, smooth walls in the living room are combined with masonry of wild stone, in the bedroom snow-white plaster naturally goes into the “deck boards” of the headboard, rising to the full height of the room.

The interior of the house in the style of minimalism

In one of the villages near Moscow, among the birches and limes, this country house is located. The interior of the house in the style of minimalism is made both outside and inside. The first impression is rather gloomy, the structure is built entirely of glass and gray concrete, there is nothing “alive” in its appearance, but such is the interior design in the style of minimalism, on the one hand the lack of unnecessary details and simple lines to get cold enough, but on the other, let yourself free and take a break from information overload.

Beaded trees for beginners. Examples of weaving.

Handicrafts are of special value, even if made by an inexperienced master and not neatly enough. The world of needlework contains a huge number of directions. One of the most simple and interesting is beadwork. From beads and a wire original figures, ornaments and other trifle turn out. True masterpieces are beaded trees.

Parquet in the interior: types, choice of color, ways of laying, 70 photos

The photo shows the laying of the herringbone in a dark color under the style of the overall interior. Due to the large amount of daylight, the room does not seem gloomy. Advantages and disadvantages Advertising The advantages of parquet on the floor: Durability and ease of care (a guarantee of preserving its appearance for up to a hundred years with proper care without abrasive products); The apartment acquires a new meaning (the house with parquet is valued higher); Versatility (wooden floor is suitable for any interior, it is easy to repaint); Natural wood that does not accumulate static energy.

A floor of black color: the choice of material, design, a combination to a ceiling and walls

The photo shows a glossy tile on the floor in the interior of a modern bathroom. Proper combination of black floor with pieces of furniture - the key to a successful result. With proper selection of additional colors, you can get an original and stylish interior. The main advantage of black color is that it improves the appearance of even a simple, uncomplicated chair or an old sofa in the style of the 80s.