House on a cliff overlooking the ocean

The cottage is ideally inscribed in the landscape: it seems to be “slipping” from the slope, clinging at different levels for uneven terrain. So that the house really did not slide down, it was necessary to strengthen the foundation with the help of powerful supports hammered into the rock. The view from this unusual house with an ocean view opens in different directions and is striking in its picturesqueness: lying in the bedroom, you can admire the continuous movement of the waves, sitting in the living room, overlooking the rocks on the coast.

Modern design options suburban interior: photos, styles and ideas

Features and design recommendations. Advertising Today, the country house is less and less associated with gardening works, now it is a place to rest from the city noise. It is necessary to equip the dacha interior based on its objectives and whether the cottage will be used in the winter. In any case, it should be different from the interior of the apartment.

Polymer clay mug decor - master class with step by step photos

This kind of material for manual labor, like polymer clay was used relatively recently. And even in the recent past, even those who were fond of this kind of needlework, it was not so easy to find it. I had to look for or drive her to the capital, and other large cities of Russia. Today, in the windows and racks of any shops with goods for needlework you can easily find polymer clay.

75 photos of ideas suites design do it yourself

In recent years, in the circle of needlewomen more often heard the name "Sweet Design". What is behind this mysterious term? Anyone with a baggage of school knowledge of the English language will remember that "sweet" is translated as "sweet." Even in foreign films, “sweet honey” is often found - a pet word for loved ones and, in a good sense, slightly “cloying”.