Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen

In the interior of your apartment you always want to achieve a large amount of air, color and maximum comfort, for this reason, the Scandinavian style is gaining more and more adherents. Including very popular Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen.

It is very important to apply the style for small rooms, due to its characteristic features, it is able to visually increase the space.

For the interior Scandinavian style kitchens The following features are characteristic:

  • Wall colors

The main palette for the style are shades of light sand, beige, white, soft brown and light gray or blue. Scandinavian kitchen interior with the light color of the walls, always "win" the fight for the expansion of the room. White is most often found in interiors, it is used both in pure color and in the variant of shades.

  • Furniture

Scandinavian style kitchen - this is, above all, minimalism in the number of objects, only that without which it is impossible to do. The furniture itself is most often made of natural wood with the preservation of texture, for the decor, we use inserts made of weaving, glass or metal.

Emphasize the austere beauty of minimalism, straight strict lines in the kitchen. For this style - white, the main color, so the furniture in Scandinavian kitchen interiormost often white.

Another feature, namely from the Scandinavian style, came to us bar counters or small tables for a quick lunch. In the dining area, most often, in the interior you can meet them.

  • Kitchen Apron

White again. Yes, apron to match kitchen furniture and walls in Scandinavian kitchen interior, a common phenomenon. For the surface of the apron is also used tile “under the brick” or tile “subway”. There are options for finishing panels under the tree. In the decoration of the apron for the kitchen more freedom, so the designers add their options, up to the ceramic mosaic.

  • Lighting

For rooms and Scandinavian style kitchens characteristic "light eclecticism." All lighting options can be used in one space at once, from central lighting to spot and floor lamps. Thus, the space receives the maximum proportion of light at any time of the day.

Perhaps this is due to a short light day in the northern countries. The same moment explains the absence of curtains in traditional interiors so that a room or a kitchen can receive more natural light.

  • Floor

The style has fairly cool colors and shades, so even the “warm” material is wood, in Scandinavian kitchen interiorwill be light in color. Wood flooring is made of wide massive boards or laminate with imitation. Can serve as a flooring and tile, light colors.

In some interiors there is a very dark, almost black floor, this option is also possible - for contrast.

  • Decor

Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchenBeautifully overcrowding, thanks to a wide range of decorative accents. Bright rugs, tablecloths, chair covers, pillows.

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