Scandinavian interior design kitchen 8 square. meters

Interior kitchen 8 square. meters sustained in the very popular Scandinavian style today, allowing even a small area to create expressive spaces, comfortable and stylish at the same time.

The working area of ​​the kitchen is extended in one line due to the insufficient width of the room - it is less than three meters. Another location would not allow to allocate a zone for meals.

The color dominant of the Scandinavian-style kitchen design was the color of gray pearls, covering three quarters of the room. Gentle, bright, contributing to the visual increase in volume, it at the same time creates comfort, filling the space with warmth.

Posters and paintings in the entrance area of ​​the kitchen add elegance. The furniture of pure white color beautifully stands out against the gray walls, attracting attention with its strict forms. Above the white worktop - white glossy tiles - the "bricks" of the apron.

The interior of the kitchen is 8 square meters. meters, designers play with soft contrasts: gray walls - white furniture, oak table top - gray washing, black color of household appliances sets bright dots in this game.

Not a centimeter of space should disappear in a small kitchen, but it is unreasonable to make it with cabinets, so railing appeared along the countertop in the entire wall, on which not only ladles are hung, but also spices, cutting boards, and even paper towels.

The dining area is also white furniture of a strict form. This whiteness is effectively set off by lively greens in the center of the table.

The design of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style provides a visual division into zones: the “kitchen” part of the floor is lined with black and white tiles in a checkerboard pattern, and the “dining” part - with the floorboard of the same color as the worktop in the work area.

This division is emphasized by lighting: above the table top in the working area is a series of luminaires embedded in the ceiling, above the dining table is a suspension lamp in a gray steel ceiling.

Textiles for kitchen interior 8 square. meters chosen in classic style, in the same style and cornice above the window. The white tulle curtain is covered with thick gray curtains, continuing the game of soft contrasts started by the designers.

The line of the working area near the wall ends with a sink, and near the window with a refrigerator. It is also gray, like most surfaces in the kitchen.

The main “highlight” of Scandinavian-style kitchen design is an almost black textured wall in the dining area. It is covered with wallpaper, and this decision seems too avant-garde, but the result was stunning.

A “picture” strengthened above the table on closer examination turns out to be a slate board, which is very convenient: you can leave notes on it at home, take notes on the memory, or draw simple plots to raise your spirits.

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