Roman curtains in the kitchen: types, design, colors, combination, decor

Types of roman blinds

These designs are divided into three types:

  • Classic. The most versatile option. Such models are a one-piece fabric, which, when raised, forms even horizontal folds.
  • Double. Consist of two cuts, lighter and denser fabric. Constructions of this type create a very interesting effect, both on a plastic window and on a wooden window.
  • Cascading. They form a fabric cascade along the entire length of the curtain and retain the folds even in the unfolded state.

In the photo there is a kitchen interior and double roman blinds on the window opening.

What kind of fabric for curtains is better to use in the kitchen?

First of all, when choosing, you need to take into account all the specifics of the kitchen. Here, Roman lifting canvases made of mixed or natural fabrics, such as flax, organza, cotton or silk, as well as bamboo models will be appropriate.

Design in various styles

Roman curtains will be a very harmonious addition to the kitchen in a variety of styles.

Modern (minimalism, loft)

For such interiors fit classic concise options, without unnecessary patterns and drawings. With their clear lines, they will create the effect of soft, diffused light, emphasize the freedom and functionality of space.


The classic design is short light or thick curtains made from natural materials, with different patterns and a number of decorative elements inherent in the Provence style.


Roman curtains, combining practicality and elegance, perfectly complement the overall look of the kitchen in the style of classic and neoclassic, will bring a zest to it and create the necessary accents.

The photo shows roman shades of burgundy color in the interior of the kitchen in a classic style.

Options for attachment

To determine the option of mounting, you need to decide what tasks they need to perform.

  • On the window sash. Curtains are mounted directly on the doors themselves and in the lowered position do not close the window sill or countertop. This option does not interfere with the free opening of the window.
  • On the window opening. Such fastening curtains visually expands the window prem and hides all its flaws.

In the photo there is a kitchen and patterned Roman curtains with a mounting option on the window opening.

Ideas for combining with tulle

Windows decorated in this way look very interesting and unusual. For a combination with curtains, it is better to choose Roman curtains from natural fabrics of medium density.

The photo shows a window with light Roman curtains in combination with light curtains.

Custom solutions in the interior of the kitchen

Beneficially emphasize the dignity and originality of the room and bring a touch of novelty to the interior.

With balcony door

Roman design, thanks to convenient adjustment of the length, will be an excellent option for a balcony opening. They will not interfere with the functioning of the door and exit to the loggia.

In the photo is a spacious kitchen with a balcony opening, decorated with green Roman curtains.

With bay window

This design looks very elegant and neat and does not overload the bay window ledge.

In the photo there are white Roman curtains with patterns on the bay windows.

On a small window

The canvases of a simple cut can especially elegantly decorate a small window opening, and in a fully lowered state, visually increase its size.

Design and drawings on the curtains

Various design of curtains is an integral part of any interior of the room.

  • Flowers Curtains decorated with floral patterns will add special chic, romance and elegance to the kitchen.
  • Patterns and ornaments. They allow you to give the room a more interesting and fresh look, make the interior original and link it into a single whole.
  • Geometric pattern (strip, cell). With the help of cloths with geometric prints, you can create an unusual, catchy and extravagant design.
  • Monochrome. These models are easier to fit into the room in almost any style and have a simple, but at the same time very elegant look.
  • Transparent and translucent. Such Roman curtains have a slight degree of protection from sunlight and are usually just a beautiful window decor.

In the photo are plain Roman blinds in the interior of a modern kitchen.

In the photo there is a country-style kitchen with checkered Roman curtains on the window.

Color spectrum

The choice of colors for curtains, primarily depends on the style and design of the room.

  • Green. It brings a fresh and energetic atmosphere to the interior of the kitchen and gives it a second wind.
  • Yellow. This color creates a bright, sunny and cheerful design and significantly transforms the room.
  • Burgundy The color of ripe cherry is capable of its magnificence to give the kitchen a luxurious and respectable look.
  • Blue. Adds airiness, lightness to the interior, envelops it with coolness and creates a unique atmosphere.
  • Beige. Roman beige curtains are perfect for a small kitchen. They create a sense of space.
  • Brown. Comfortable and elegant color that is able to maintain the atmosphere of home comfort.
  • Purple. Gentle lavender shade brings peace of mind to the room, peace and gives it an extraordinary look.
  • Orange. Fills the space with sun and heat.

On the photo are green Roman curtains with pictures in the kitchen interior.

In the photo there is a small kitchen and a window opening decorated with classical roman beige curtains.

Kitchen roman curtains decor

Interesting decor provides an opportunity to give the window opening and the whole room a new look and appeal.

  • Tape. Different ribbons can create a playful or exquisite curtain composition that will certainly attract attention.
  • Pelmet. Very effective way to design. Soft or hard lambrequin gang, perfectly combined with Roman designs and give the whole room a ceremonial look.
  • With edging. Contrasting black or red edging emphasizes the shape of the curtain drapery and focuses on the window opening.

Photo gallery

Thanks to the Roman curtains there are great opportunities for creativity and bold ideas. They give the kitchen individuality, as well as coziness, comfort and a feeling of warmth.

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