Organization of a children's workplace

For any child, it is time to grow up and soon September is the first, and in addition to buying textbooks and outfits, parents need to take care of the correct student workplace organizations.

At his desk, the child should be comfortable not just to sit or write, it is necessary to think out other activities, working at the computer, reading, drawing, designing and much more.

Below are some helpful tips for creating an optimal workplace for children.
  • The work area should be allocated in the room, it is not recommended to create artificial bulky buildings from furniture or walls, they will act depressingly. A lightweight partition, located towards the playing area, such as organization of the workplace student, will allow the child not to be distracted from classes.

  • Correct location child workplace - near the window. From the point of view of psychology, the most comfortable position at the table is considered: back to the wall, side to the door.

  • Like clothes and shoes, furniture should be “in size”. Do not buy furniture for growth. The best option student workplace organizations taking into account growing up and not changing furniture every year - initially choose the right option - adjustable designs. Optimally, if the regulation will occur not only the seats, but also the table.

  • The computer often takes up almost all the free space on the table, this arrangement hinders other activities, they simply do not have enough space. A good way out would be to set the table “L” shaped, it will allow you to evenly divide the space.

  • Lighting issue for child workplace, you can not ignore. Light should illuminate the work area as much as possible. For right-handers, the light should go on the left side, for left-handers, on the contrary. Optimally, if the working lamp is bright, with a sixty-watt lamp. At night, the light source in the room should be several. For example, a working lamp and a sconce or overhead light.

  • The surface of the table should be as free as possible; drawers, shelves and wall boards on which you can fix sheets with notes, timetables and reminders, without cluttering your work surface, will be suitable for this task. The basic principle of placement is that the child should reach all the most necessary things without having to stand up.

If the workplace of the child is organized correctly, it will be easier for the student to focus on the tasks and perform them without compromising health.

An example of a workplace in a children's room 14 square meters. m .:

  • workspace is located at the window, with his back to the wall, sideways to the door;
  • there is a working lamp;
  • the work surface is not cluttered, there are shelves for storage and a wall board with the ability to leave reminders and notes.

The disadvantages of the organization of this workplace include:

  • no adjustable table and chair;
  • Little space for a computer.

An example of the device workspace in the children's room for two boys:

  • workspace is located at the window;
  • there is a working lamp for each of the boys;
  • there are adjustable chairs;
  • spacious table;
  • There are shelves and storage boxes.

The disadvantages of the organization of this workplace include:

  • The workplace is located very close to the sleeping area.


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