How to choose a wallpaper for a small hallway: 70 ideas for design

Wallpapers for a small hallway are great opportunities for interesting design decisions, games with light, color and shapes. A compact hallway with a narrow corridor will not seem cramped if you choose walls of light shades. There are many options for decorating walls using wallpapers of various colors, with drawings and textures.

Rules for organizing a small space

Before embodying the idea of ​​the most sophisticated and cozy hallway, you should pay attention to the general rules for organizing a small room:

  • Walls - base color of a light shade.
  • To increase the height of the walls are used wallpaper with vertical lines.
  • Horizontal stripes visually expand the space.
  • A small hallway should not be cluttered with furniture and accessories. Instead, it is appropriate to use one bright piece of furniture - a chair, a table, a lamp shade - combining it in color and shape with additional accessories.

Ways to expand the narrow room

Small compact hallways can look more spacious if you use techniques that visually enlarge the space.

  • Bright colors in the decoration of the room. Walls and ceilings of light shades bring “air” into a small room. The distance between the walls, as well as the ceiling and the floor seems larger.
  • Use in the decoration of certain types of drawings. Wallpapers with small patterns and vertical lines virtually expand the space.
  • The use of contrasting colors in the finish. Black-and-white hallways, as well as rooms, finished in a combination of black-white-red, can tune up in a completely new way and turn a small hall into a cozy and stylish room.
  • Glossy surface. Expansion of space can serve not only smooth surfaces of furniture and objects, but also wallpaper with a mirror effect, which can be attributed to the coating with a metallic sheen.

When choosing interior design options for a small hallway, as well as the “Khrushchev” hallway, it is worth refusing dark colors in the decoration. The version of dark wallpaper with large patterns will also be unsuccessful.

Large size ornament is permissible, if in a small and narrow room combines a narrow corridor and very high ceilings - in this case, a large picture can compensate for the extra centimeters and make the room more accurate and comfortable.

Low ceilings can be visually made higher if you take a darker wallpaper for the walls. Embossed wallpaper, textured wallcoverings also contribute to the visual growth of a small room.

What wallpaper to choose?

For compact hallways and narrow corridors, they choose durable, durable coatings that allow keeping walls clean without much effort. Of great importance is the ecological material. Small hallways, as a rule, are closed rooms with no windows, so wallpapers should have good breathability and should not emit substances harmful to human health.

When choosing wallpaper for the hallway, various characteristics of the material are taken into account:

  • Practicality. Wall coverings must be dense, have a surface resistant to mechanical abrasion. It can be thick smooth wallpaper, which is easily removed stains and dirt.
  • Environmental friendliness and safety for health. Preference is given to finishing materials on a natural basis - "breathable", not conducive to the appearance of fungi on the walls, as well as a safe composition.
  • Actual design. The choice falls on the options that provide ample opportunities for combination with other types of wall coverings, furniture, combination with interior objects. Interesting textures, texture solutions are selected.

In the photo a small hallway and a corridor are decorated using combinable wallpaper with a pattern and stripes. The alternation of blue and gold stripes creates a rhythmic pattern that expands the space.

Types of wallpaper

The most suitable for small hallways - paper, non-woven and bamboo wallpaper. Such rooms can also be finished with vinyl, textile and cork wallpaper.

VinylDiffer in density, which allows you to create a perfectly smooth surface of the walls. Vinyl wall-paper can have smooth, almost mirror surfaces, and effectively look in small halls of both classical, and modern styles. They serve up to twenty years, do not fade, long retain an attractive appearance.
Paper Have an affordable price, at the same time they are environmentally friendly. Recently produced double-layer paper wallpaper. This type of product has an additional layer that protects its wear and damage.
TextileAlso have two layers. The basis of this finishing material is paper. The top layer consists of textile fibers. In addition to the decorative functions, these wallpapers perform insulation tasks.
Flizelinovye Coatings based on nonwoven can have a vinyl layer, as well as be the basis for the subsequent painting of walls in the desired color. The advantages of nonwoven consider strength, breathability and poor flammability.

Absolutely natural, made from vegetable raw materials without the use of harmful chemical compounds. They have a natural color, which can be different, depending on the country of growth of the plant - milky white, golden, pistachio, rich palette of shades of brown and red. Bamboo wallpaper can be used as a coating for the entire wall, and for the design of small hallways with a combination of different materials.

Color solution

Wallpaper in bright colors, a small amount of furniture and accessories - one of the basic principles of interior design of a small hallway.

Often wallpaper is used in combination with other materials - panels for brick and stone, wooden masonry, plastering with painting. A variety of shades and textures, drawings allows you to use them in the design of the accent wall, which, in turn, sets the tone and mood of the entire room.

The limited space of small compact hallways in Russian city apartments, especially in the Khrushchev houses, requires combining two tasks in the design of the walls - an increase in visual space and originality. The first is achieved through the use of light tones, contrast, room zoning and other techniques.

The most popular color scheme in modern hallways is various shades of beige. Coupled with the classic style in the design of the entire room, such a design leaves a pleasant impression - a feeling of peace, order, grandeur. Beige color looks noble, not annoying, combined with a good natural texture of wooden furniture and doors in a small hallway.

Style selection


To give freshness to the proven classics, as well as to visually increase the area of ​​a small hallway, wallpaper is combined with painting the ceiling in white, as well as dividing the walls into areas decorated in different colors.


Another no less popular style - minimalism - can compete with the noble classics beloved by most apartment owners. For smaller rooms it is especially relevant. Wallpaper for a small hallway in the style of minimalism can be bright, plain or with a pronounced print, geometric and floral patterns.

In the room, decorated in the style of minimalism, a little furniture and interior items. A decent role in giving the room an atmosphere is played by the “clothes” for the walls.

In the photo a small hallway in the style of minimalism. Conciseness in the color scheme allowed to give the atmosphere of the room rigor, and the brown color of the wallpaper added volume.

You can apply other styles in the interior design for small hallways.

Provence and Country

Provence has lightness, airiness, light, natural tones. Wallpaper in Provence style can have a floral ornament, as well as a texture close to natural materials - stone, wood.

In the country, unlike the Provence, in the interiors you can see the brutal accessories - a massive stool carved from wood or rugs of weaving. Wall-paper in this style can have dark shades, to become similar to a tree and a stone from which village houses are built.

High tech

Metallic reflection of surfaces, strict geometric forms, new functional solutions in furniture and accessories are the distinguishing features of this style. Wallpaper for a small hallway in the high-tech style can be metallic in color, as well as all sorts of “acidic” colors in a stylish combination with classic, soothing shades.


It is characterized by restraint, minimalism, calm colors. Primary color is white. Wallpapers for a small hallway in the Scandinavian style can be white, light gray, as well as other, mostly pastel colors.

Drawings and Design

Each style of an interior assumes the design of wall-paper - from small drawing to large patterns. Certain styles require wallpaper with a texture that reflects the overall theme of the room.

  • Plain, suitable for hallways in English, classic styles, as well as in the style of minimalism. Allow to apply brighter details in the rest of the interior design - in furniture and accessories.

  • Wallpaper with a large pattern and an ornament in the form of rosettes and monograms are inherent in the classical style. Often, in combination with this type of coating, gilding is used, or wooden slats, which bring more elegance and a touch of luxury to the design of a small room.

  • Wallpapers with images of various plants are used in the style of Provence and Country. Floral ornament is also often found in oriental style.

  • Textured wallpapers help to create a more lively and interesting basis for decorating a small hallway in modern styles, such as high-tech. The picture may be abstract and not clear, but it can set the tone for the atmosphere of the room.

When choosing a wallpaper for a small hallway takes into account the overall style of the room. Wallpapers with a pronounced style of drawing can be glued to one wall, thereby emphasizing the stylistic identity of the interior.

In the photo, wallpaper with a pattern in bright orange tones made the wall a full-fledged element of the interior, echoing in color with the rest of the details.


Wallpaper for a small hallway is chosen based on their ability to visually expand the space. Light wallpaper will not look faded if they are combined with various design elements that may be in the form of additional colors in the design of the walls, as well as interior objects.

  • Walls of pastel shades look good with white stucco ceilings.
  • Volumetric cornices and baseboards in combination with wallpaper of a contrasting color delimit the space and give it completeness.
  • Horizontal separation of walls with different shades of wallpaper will allow you to control the visual effect. Dark wallpaper in the lower part of the wall - "apron" from the floor to the middle of the wall, and light shades of the same color - in the upper part. Such a separation will avoid monotony, massiveness and gravity arising in the design of the walls of a single color.
  • The best solution for colored walls is a combination of three colors. It is necessary to choose one base tone, it will occupy the main part of the space. Wallpaper for a small hallway take a light shade, and this is the base color. Two additional colors can be applied in furniture, accessories and textiles.

Combination with doors

Doors in the hallway correspond to the chosen style of the whole interior. In the design of the classic doors can be natural wood color of various shades - from light beige to dark brown. In the interior of a small room in Provence, Scandinavian style, the minimalism of the door can be white, and pop art, hi-tech can bring to the interior of freshness and originality in the form of doors in bright, saturated colors.

Important: pokleit wallpaper in the hallway need after replacing doors. If the work is done in the reverse order, the wallpaper may be damaged during the installation of the doors.

Doors and wallpapers should not be of the same tone, otherwise the door will simply be lost against the general background. The exception is made by white doors in interiors, where space is formed by additional elements in the design - pieces of furniture and accessories of expressive colors, colored sections of the walls.

The white door in the design of the small hallway does not fit the wallpaper of deep, dark colors. The door in this case will look inappropriate light spot.

The door in bright colors can be combined with light elements in the interior - vertical stripes of wallpaper, a wall opposite the door, framing of rectangular interior objects, such as paintings or photo frames. Doors will not get lost on the background of light walls, if the coating will have a color one shade lighter than the tone of the doors.

Dark doors go well with light wallpaper with a discreet pattern and geometric patterns.

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