Bright design studio apartment 28 square. m

When designing a design studio apartment 28 square. m architects repelled from the peculiar form of housing: its area has the shape of the letter "G". As a result, the entrance zone is separated from the living area, and it contains a voluminous storage system: not only seasonal clothing can be placed there, but also some of the things that are not used daily.

In the design of a studio apartment 28 square. white is used - as a color that expands the space. Pine floorboards soften this whiteness and make the room cozy.

In the center of the main living space is a column that visually separates the living room and kitchen area. The living area has a bedroom and a small corner dining area.

The kitchen suite has white facades, and a tabletop made of natural wood. The brickwork of the apron in color echoes the table top and the floor.

Since there is practically no daylight in this area of ​​the apartment, the kitchen is lit with spotlights, and one of the wall cabinets has glazed facades and interior lighting.

Design studio apartment 28 square. m. provides for the combination of living and sleeping areas in the same space. In order to provide the convenience of a “sofa” rest and a night’s sleep, we decided not to install a folding sofa bed, but provided a comfortable white sofa with a sitting area, hanging a TV in front of it.

A berth - a bed which will be displayed at night. This solution allows you to increase the “daily” area of ​​the room, and to ensure a comfortable rest at any time of the day.

When developing a project of a studio apartment of 28 sq. M. m. tried to let as much sunshine into the room as possible, for which they made a huge window.

The bathroom cost shower - to save space.

In general, the interior turned out elegant, comfortable for life, and aesthetically balanced. It can be recommended as an example for those who, possessing a small area, want to get comfortable modern housing. Equipped in a similar way, the apartment can serve as a comfortable place of residence for a family of three.

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