Brutal apartment interior in London

The area of ​​the apartment, located in Soho - 114 squares, and its owner, turning to the designers, wished to have in it a brutal interior, emphasizing the masculinity of the owner. London Soho is a historic quarter, celebrated by writers and artists. He has his own character, and this character has pronounced male features.

In the plan, the apartment resembles an hourglass - two volume rooms are interconnected by a narrow “isthmus”. This “isthmus” was taken under the kitchen, in the largest room there was a living room, and in the smaller room, a bedroom.

Finishing materials helped designers create a brutal interior - natural wooden boards on the floor, stainless steel plate around the working area in the kitchen, brick walls devoid of plaster, wooden furniture of deliberately simple, chopped forms, with many straight and sharp corners.

Copper lamps complement the impression.

Even the bathroom performs a decorative function: it is separated from the bedroom by glass walls, emphasizing that real men do not know the feeling of restraint.


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