Making soft ottoman with your own hands

It is not necessary to go to the store for a chair or chair, if your interior does not have enough seating. You yourself can take care of creating the original piece of furniture, for example, create soft ottomans with their own hands. They are comfortable to sit in front of the TV or lie down to read a book. How to sew an ottoman with your own hands we will tell in our article.

Our ottoman will be made using patchwork technique, such soft ottoman with his own handsIt will look very unusual and elegant in any interior.

We will need the following materials and tools:
  • cuts of various fabrics on rags;
  • fabric on the back of the padded stool;
  • rope;
  • pouf filler;
  • button;
  • pins;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • sewing machine.

Cut out identical rectangles from the fabric cuts. In order not to be mistaken with the future size, determine the length of the rectangle as half the diameter of the future cushion. Dimensions soft ottoman with his own hands in the example 5 * 30cm.

The resulting rectangles are divided into two pointed triangles, using a ruler draw a line from corner to corner, diagonally and cut. The narrow part of the fabric will be directed to the center of the pillow, the wide part - to the edge.

Getting to the crucial layout stage, how to sew an ottoman with your own handsso that it is convenient to sew patches to each other. We already have a pair of triangles, to one of them, from right to left, we attach a rectangle and sew on the machine from the wrong side.

Further, we cut off from a rectangle, a triangle, a diagonal from a narrow edge to a wide one, so that two stitched triangles form a new one. In the same way, we continue to sew the following patches, not forgetting to alternate colors.

We continue to sew flaps until you sew a circle. To align the edges of the circle, fold it in four, cut the excess along the edge of the sector.

Bottom part soft ottoman with his own hands, can be stitched in the same technique, only from wider rectangular segments. Sew rectangles together to make a square. Cut out a circle from the square, the same radius as the front side.

You lay out a rope with a rectangular piece of fabric on the reverse side, the length of the rope and fabric should be equal to the diameter of the pillow, fasten the fabric with the pins on the front side. see drawing.

Now fasten both parts of the pillow with the pins, lay the rope in the fabric with the front sides to each other.

Sweep up all parts before sewing. Sew on the machine as close as possible to the rope.

Do not close the seam, leave about fifteen centimeters free. Through the "window" turn out soft ottoman with his own hands on the front side.

Stitch the edges of the rope together on the front side, hide the edges with a secret stitch.

Fill an ottoman with a filler, sew a decorative button (sews a pouf through the middle).

Soft ottomans with their own hands- This is a gift for the whole family, they are most pleasant to relax and play.
Congratulations! Now you know, how to sew ottomans with your own hands. Enjoy your work and excellent results!

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