How and how to wash the wallpaper, what types of wallpaper can be washed?

To maintain a state of freshness in an apartment, care is needed for all surfaces; washing the wallpaper is included in this list. Regular care will help preserve color, and some tricks will save from unexpected stains. Cleaning is carried out on the basis of the type of wallpaper and markings present on them.

General tips and tricks

  • Before you wash, you need to deal with the type of wallpaper. To do this, you need to look at the labeling and after that choose the best option.
  • Even the most wear-resistant material can not bear the brute force, do not need to rub with a stiff brush and too abundant use of water.
  • Before proceeding with the removal of stains, it is worth making a test cleaning in the least visible place to make sure that the chosen method is correct.

What wallpaper can wash?

Product marking

Marking allows you to understand whether to wash the material. There are five common types.

  • Marking in the form of a single wave means that the material is not adapted for wet cleaning, this type can be cleaned by wiping with a light motion with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Marking in the form of two horizontal waves allows the surface to be washed with a mild detergent, such as soap.
  • Three horizontal waves mean that the surface can be washed with any washing liquids.
  • The horizontal brush and the wave allow the surface to be washed using mechanical means, such as brushes, sponges, and washing vacuum cleaners.
  • A horizontal brush and three waves mean maximum wear resistance, and it is allowed to wash the surface using chemical and mechanical means.


Each type of wallpaper requires individual care, some of them can be washed, others clean only with a dry method.

KindsHow to wash?A photo
FlizelinovyeTo maintain constant cleanliness, dust from embossed non-woven wallpapers can be cleaned with a dry cloth or with a vacuum cleaner. It is necessary to wash proceeding from the specified marking. The smooth surface has water-repellent properties, which is very convenient for the kitchen, they can be washed with a damp cloth or sponge. When heavily contaminated use cleaning fluids.

VinylWallpapers can be washed with a damp cloth or a napkin in a soapy solution. They also differ in moisture resistance, compact vinyl is the most resistant, but they are afraid of chemical, abrasive and acidic substances. Vinyl with silk-screen printing differ in the way of production, silk threads or artificial fibers are added to the composition. They have increased wear resistance and allow the use of a brush, vacuum cleaner and soapy water when cleaning.

PaperThe wallpapers are not washable and require careful care. It is not recommended to wash with water. You can clean them with a soft brush or a dry cloth. Fresh, non-greasy stains will help remove the eraser, you can also clean up the place of contamination by ironing a hot iron through a sheet of white paper or cloth. Old greasy traces cannot be removed without external damage.

LiquidWallpapers have a soft surface. For regular care, use a vacuum cleaner or a soft whisk. You can use an eraser to remove fresh marks. Old and deep pollution can be replaced by making partial repairs. When wet, color may change.

For paintingThere are three main types that differ in the basis, it is paper, non-woven and glass wall. Paper-based wallpapers should be cleaned with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner. On a non-woven base, dirt is removed with a damp cloth with gentle movements.

Glass fiberYou can wash with a wet brush, but do not rub it. It also depends on the applied paint. Aqueous emulsion paint is wiped with a damp cloth. Acrylic and water dispersion using washing liquids and water.

Bamboo wallpaperIt can be cleaned with a soft sponge using slightly concentrated non-abrasive cleaning fluids or cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. To avoid deformation, avoid overwetting the surface. Also, with constant contact with direct light, bamboo wallpaper can lose color.

How can I clean the wallpaper?


Several ways to help refresh the look and get rid of unwanted spots.

  • A vacuum cleaner. Will help in the care of any type of wallpaper, it is sometimes enough to carry out along the dusty surface with a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle.
  • Soft whisk. A way to regularly maintain cleanliness, eliminates dust.
  • Dry cloth or soft cloth. Eliminates dust.
  • Sponge soaked in water or detergent. You can wash off stains and dirt.
  • Alcohol wipes. Wash off the traces of the handle.
  • Iron or hair dryer. Can be used to get rid of fat stains.
  • Toothbrush. Will wash strong pollution with the help of washing powder (only for washing wallpaper).
  • Cotton swab or cotton pad. Used when cleaning with alcohol.
  • Wet wipes. Quickly get rid of dirt and stains.

What means can wash wallpaper?

There are both folk remedies for getting rid of pollution, as well as professional ones, presented in specialized stores.

MeansCleaningA photo
Soapy waterRubbed soap, diluted in water, will help wash and refresh the surface. Suitable for cleaning vinyl, non-woven with a water-repellent coating, bamboo, wallpaper painted with acrylic paint.

Soda diluted with waterA weakly diluted solution will clean the surface of dirt with a marking of maximum wear resistance.

Professional toolsThe stores offer a wide range of professional products suitable for any type of finish. For example, wallpaper and painted wall cleaner HG.

Dishwashing liquidYou can wash off dirty vinyl, bamboo, non-woven wallpaper with water-repellent properties with whipped foam or water with a small amount of the product.

Talc or chalk absorbs dirt and grease stains.Sprinkle the surface for a few minutes, after which you need to clean with a dry cloth or just shake off. In this way, you can clean the paper and vinyl wallpaper.

LemonHalf a lemon can clear the dirt. Not suitable for paper-based, painted or liquid wallpaper.

Medical alcoholA cotton pad moistened with alcohol will clean the dirt from non-vinyl and vinyl compact vinyl wallpapers.

Floor cleaning liquidYou can use the principle of dishwashing detergent.

How to wash, procedure

The most common and effective way to wash the wallpaper in the room - a soap solution or cleaning products.

  • To do this, it is necessary to conduct an experiment on a small area in order to understand how the wallpaper will react.
  • A detergent is stirred in a container with warm water or a soap is rubbed, a clean cloth is dipped in a solution, a small area is wrung out and gently wiped.

  • After the surface is wiped with a clean dry cloth.

After the area dries, the result will be visible. If you need to repeat the procedure, then you should wait until complete drying, and then wash the area again.

Stain remedies

Types of pollutionHow to wash?
FatTalc or chalk in a state of powder to rub into the stain, then clean with a cloth; iron ironed place pollution through a napkin or paper; Apply a cotton swab dipped in gasoline for a few minutes to the stain.
Ball pen and inkIt can be cleaned with a solution of potassium permanganate with vinegar, a solution of a detergent and water, a melamine sponge, or washed with half a lemon.
Marker penClean with hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice or medical alcohol contaminated with a cotton swab.
Colour pencilsRub with an eraser or toothbrush with detergent. Wipe gently with a solvent (vinyl wallpaper). Suitable for light surfaces.
Wax pencil and crayonsDish floor cleaner in water, rinse the surface and allow to dry. Or rub the eraser.
FingerprintsClean with an eraser, soda or talcum powder. Wash with soapy water.
PaintClean the place of pollution with acetone, without affecting the clean part of the wallpaper. You can try to scrape off the dried paint.
GlueDampen a cloth with water and rinse the place of contamination in a circular motion.
PlasticineGently scrape with a knife and heat with a hairdryer, then clean the place with a slightly damp cloth.
MoldClean with a solution of baking soda in water, rinse with hydrogen peroxide.
Tobacco removalYellowness difficult to withdraw. Can be treated with vinegar solution, rubbed with lemon juice.
SootTo start the walls can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. After using a sponge for dry cleaning, washing liquid or solvent. Paper wallpaper can not be cleaned without damage, it is better to remove the old and stick fresh.
ZelenkaRinse with lemon juice, alcohol and water. Purify with hydrogen peroxide.
PomadeWash off with soapy solution or foam detergent.
WineFresh stains can be washed with soapy water. An old stain is almost impossible to clean.

With proper regular care, you can extend the life of the wallpaper, and keep the brightness of colors. A little tricks and tools that are almost always on hand will help get rid of unexpected stains and wash off contamination. It is important to remember that each type of wallpaper is different in composition and interacts differently with water, in order to avoid trouble, you should take into account the marking instructions.

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