Silk-screen wallpapers for walls: 50 best photos and design options

Silk screen wallpapers have excellent appearance and are able to transform any room. Due to the unique production technology, the coating has a beautiful shiny surface, visually similar to silk fabric. In addition, they are easy to take care of, which allows you to finish in the kitchen.

What it is?

This is a kind of vinyl wallpaper with a pattern applied in a special way of screen printing or hot stamping. Production is carried out in several stages. Vinylized colored paper is applied to the base of paper or non-woven fabric, which is impregnated with polyvinyl chloride, after which the canvas passes the embossing process. The thickness of the vinyl layer can be different, it allows you to adjust the strength of the material.

In the photo is a bedroom in the style of a new classic. The accent wall of beautiful turquoise color is in harmony with other interior details of the same shade.

The pattern is created using silk or synthetic fibers. Visually, the coating resembles a silk canvas, the material is durable, shiny. The drawing can be monophonic or colored, as well as simulate different materials, such as leather or wood.

Types of basics


Wallpaper silk screen on non-woven base more durable. The material is elastic, better in contact with moisture and can hide small defects in the walls. In addition, the coating on non-woven base is safer and more convenient when working with them, you can not be afraid that the web will tear, stretch or twist. This type of wallpaper has a longer service life, but their cost is much higher than paper ones.

The photo is a compact bright living room with a modern design. Due to the light furniture and wallpaper pattern, the room does not seem dark.


Budget option finishing material. The paper base is not durable and durable, and also badly interacts with moisture. When sticking, you need to be careful, as the coating is very delicate and can tear. Wallpaper silk screen printing on paper should be applied on a flat surface, they are not able to hide the irregularities of the walls.


Silk-screen coating has a number of distinctive features that have a positive effect on the characteristics of the material.

  • The surface of the wallpaper silk-screen printing is a luxurious brilliant canvas, this effect can be achieved only by the method of screen printing.
  • Large roll width, often meter. It is very convenient when sticking, the number of joints is less.
  • The coating does not fade in the sun.
  • In the production of wallpaper does not apply harmful chemicals.

Advantages and disadvantages

A similar consideration of the characteristics and nuances of the material helps to make a choice.

Coating strengthHigh price
Do not absorb odorsPaper-based wallpapers are not durable.
Suitable for wet cleaningSome types of silk-screen printing wallpaper "do not breathe"
Long service lifeTo cover with a paper base, careful preparation of the walls is required.
Spectacular appearance
Do not fade in the sun
Do not emit harmful substances

In the photo is a sleeping area with a modern design. The interior uses several techniques to increase the space.

Photos of ideas in the interior of rooms

For kitchen

A practical and beautiful finish solution. Silk screen wallpapers are easy to clean, they can be wiped with a dry or damp cloth, without fear that traces will remain. For the kitchen, it is worth choosing a non-woven silk screen printing wallpaper, they will last longer, and most importantly, they are in better contact with water. In addition, this type of wallpaper breathes and eliminates the appearance of fungus. Wallpapers will look great in the classic interior of the kitchen.

For the hall

Silk-screen printing will look gorgeous in a living room with a classic design, as well as, with the right combination of materials, it will also become a highlight in the modern stylistic direction. Silk screen wallpapers can frame the whole room, or become an episodic decoration, for example in the form of an accent wall. Brilliant details will shimmer beautifully in the sun, creating the illusion of a voluminous wall.

In the photo hall combined with the dining room. Design in bright colors with bright decorative accents.

For the bedroom

Depending on the pattern, silkscreen wallpapers will support the bohemian atmosphere in the bedroom interior or they will create an incredibly light and romantic design. Finishing can be done completely with the same type of coating, or use the companion wallpaper finishing method, combining different colors and textures. The latter method will make the bedroom more interesting and help to correct the flaws in the layout.

For bathroom, toilet

In the bath and toilet it is worth using silk screen printing wallpaper only on non-woven base, paper will not work, as it will not withstand moisture and will quickly lose its presentable appearance. For greater reliability, the finish of the wallpaper can be combined with other materials and performed by a horizontal method, for example, wallpaper from above, tile from below or panels.

For anteroom, corridor

Wallpapers silk-screen are convenient for a hall that just to look after them. An unwanted stain left after returning from the street is easy to remove with a damp cloth. For small and closed hallways it is worth using a light palette for decoration, vertical or horizontal stripes will make it higher or wider.

Color spectrum


Silk-screen printing on a pink background will be associated with a pearl. Design in a similar color will look very gentle. Suitable for bedroom, classic living room or kitchen. The pink color of the silkscreen wallpaper will go well with light-colored furniture and decorative objects.


Wallpapers look luxurious, while gently. The pattern will only shimmer on a light background, creating the illusion of volume in the room. The white color of the walls successfully decorate the design with almost any style.


The blue tone will be especially expressive as a background for golden or silver patterns. A dark shade can be combined with a lighter palette, for example with wallpaper companions or a pattern in a contrasting color.


Gentle blue tone visually makes the space of the room more, fills it with freshness. Ornamental patterns in the company with white furniture emphasize the delicate airy atmosphere in the interior.


Silk-screen printing on a beige background will cast gold, the room will be filled with warm light. Beige color is suitable for finishing any room in the house, it will look especially harmonious in classical, Victorian and neoclassical style.

The photo has white screen printing wallpaper in a classic interior with a golden sheen.


Green silk-screen wallpapers will make the interior aristocratic. Shades of green will fill the room with warmth. It is better to use dark tone as partial finishing, combining it with lighter color, for example beige. Full green trim is best left for the spacious and bright rooms.


Unlike a warm light palette, black silk-screen printing can look incredibly stylish in a modern and neoclassical design. Best of all, the black tone of wallpaper silk-screen printing will look in open spaces with large windows and abundant daylight.

The photo is a stylish dining room in black and white design. Due to the contrasting white ceiling and large windows the room is filled with light.


Gold will emphasize luxury in the interior of an apartment or house. The design will be filled with aristocratic and emphasized chic notes. Classic and Victorian style will be the best solution for such a finish.


Gray color will decorate both a classic design and a room with a modern style. The palette can be warm or cold, with any choice of a gray tint will give the design a discreet and stylish luxury.

Design Ideas


Ornate floral designs, buds of tulips or large roses will decorate a classic living room or bedroom. A floral print will add romance and tenderness to the interior. Design complement wall moldings or paintings with a classic style of writing.


Classic horizontal or vertical stripes will be a good choice for modern and classic interiors. The direction of the lanes will help to “push” or “pull out” the walls of the room, thereby correcting the imperfection of the room, this technique will work for rooms of any size.


Abstraction on wallpaper silk-screen will make the interior voluminous. This type of finish will fit well in a modern and high-tech style. Finishing one or more walls with silk screen printing can be combined with other types of wallpaper.

Options in various styles

High tech

The style does not differ congestion, unnecessary details and smooth lines. The interior is dominated by straight lines in the decoration and furniture, the filling is modern high-tech, and the colors are restrained, although the design can be decorated with bright details.


Silk-screen wallpapers are best for classic design. Soft gloss will emphasize luxury, at the same time will not look defiantly. The classic room is filled with natural wood furniture and elegant decorative details. Walls can be decorated with moldings or combined with wood paneling.

On the photo is a Victorian bedroom interior. The walls are decorated with wallpaper silk screen peach shades.


Style design can fill bright colors and mixing materials. Wallpapers silk screen color is a great idea to finish any area or accent wall. The pattern can be in the form of a damask, an abstraction or a geometric ornament.


The style is distinguished by special luxury and wealth. Ornamental patterns and gold ebb only emphasize the peculiarities of the style. In oriental design, emphasis can be placed on finishing or filling the room. For example, wall decoration in a bright shade or furniture of unusual shape and colorful textiles.

How to glue?

What glue to use?

For silk-screen printing, you need to choose glue for heavy types of coatings, since that is exactly what they are. Today in the building stores there is a fairly wide range of wallpaper glue of this kind. There is a glue specifically for silk-screening coatings, it takes into account all the characteristics of the material, including the need for antifungal treatment.

Step by Step instructions for pasting

The process of gluing silk-screening wallpaper does not have any fundamental differences from any other. For a perfect result, it is worth the step-by-step to complete the entire procedure.

  1. First you need to prepare a surface for sticking. To do this, you need to align and sand the walls, as well as apply a primer.
  2. Prepare glue. To do this, it is kneaded in accordance with the instructions.
  3. Prepare the wallpaper. For this, the roll is cut into strips of the desired length. It is necessary to consider the compatibility of the figure and take a stock of 5 centimeters.
  4. Apply a vertical marking. This will require a level or plumb. The strip will help smoothly and without offset to stick the strip.
  5. Glueing starts from the corner of the room, putting the strip from top to bottom.
  6. Excess air and irregularities are “driven out” by smoothing to the sides.
  7. After gluing, the excess is carefully cut off.


Care Tips

Caring for silk screening is not difficult. Regular and accurate cleaning will help to prolong the life of the web. The coating has an advantage over other types of wallpaper, it is the possibility of wet cleaning.

  • The coating can interact with water, you need a degree of interaction. It is indicated as a marking on the packaging of the roll or the back side of the web.
  • As a dry cleaning, you can use a soft brush, rag or vacuum cleaner.
  • For wet cleaning, you can use a rag or sponge, as well as non-abrasive cleaners or a soap solution.

In the photo is a bright bedroom in the style of a new classic. Finishing is made of two types of wallpaper.

Photo gallery

Wallpapers silk screen will emphasize the style of the house, indicating its luxury or restrained elegance. The drawings also indicate the character of the house, a wide variety allow you to choose exactly the one that will complement the interior. Wallpaper without a picture would not look so impressive. In addition to stunning external data, silk screening has excellent usage characteristics.

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