Wallpaper in English style: types, designs and patterns, combinations, colors

English-style wallpaper combines luxury and elegance. There are a number of characteristic features that allow you to recognize them among many others.

Features of the wall design in the English style

The most common finishing material for walls in the English style is wallpaper. There is also a combined design solution - the separation of the wall in height into two parts. In this case, the lower part is decorated with natural wood panels, and the upper part is covered with wallpaper. This feature of the wall design, makes the "Victorian" style recognizable and a little stiff.

Today, in the market of finishing materials you can find the following types of wallpaper for the walls:

  • paper;
  • non-woven;
  • vinyl;
  • textile.

Types of wallpaper

Each species has its own characteristics.


Paper wallpaper has several advantages relative to other species. The material of the canvas is environmentally friendly with an obvious property of breathability, which in turn has a good effect on the microclimate of the room.


Non-woven wallpaper is characterized by wear resistance and durability. The composition of the canvas includes two layers: the first is non-woven, and the second can be paper, textile or vinyl. It is the non-woven layer that is responsible for the durability of the coating, and the subsequent - for aesthetics!

On the photo is a bedroom with wallpaper in a small floral pattern.


Vinyl wallpaper, as well as non-woven, consists of two layers - the upper vinyl (or polyvinyl chloride), and the bottom (adjacent to the wall) - non-woven or paper. Due to the thickness of the canvas, an illusion of volume and depth is created indoors. Using this property, manufacturers combine texture with various textures under the tree, fabric, stone, rattan or decorative plaster, which makes the surface not inferior to natural materials.

Vinyl cloth durable, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. The coating is suitable for use in areas where frequent wet cleaning is required.


Textile wallpaper in the English style, came from the interiors of past centuries. However, even today, they continue to be in demand, because consist of environmentally friendly materials - flax, silk, viscose, cotton or felt. This view consists of two layers - the first (closer to the wall) on the basis of paper or non-woven, and the second - decorative, defines the aesthetics of the space as a whole.

Photos in the interior of rooms

Characteristic prints and patterns of paintings in the English style are viewed in the living spaces.


The British direction is often found in the offices. It looks quite attractive wallpaper muted tones in the cell and strip. Combined with rare wood furniture and antiques, the wall covering with these patterns makes the space respectable.

In the photo is a prim cabinet with English-style checkered wallpaper.

Children's room

In the children's room, the English-style paper wallpaper is a win-win option. A wide range of designs with floral motifs, patterns, stripes and a cage is presented on the market, which will make the nursery unique. For adolescent girls, a floral theme is appropriate, and for boys, an English Berber cell or a strip. These prints serve for a long time and do not lose their relevance for a long time.

The photo combined wallpaper in the English style.


Wallpaper with floral motifs in the English style well complement the decor in the bedroom. If the choice falls on a strip, then it is desirable to use it in pastel colors, then the space will find peace and tranquility.


For the kitchen fit non-woven wallpaper in the English style, because they absorb moisture and smell least of all, and are also easy to clean. For walls, you can use a coating with floral ornaments and geometry. For small kitchens, monochrome wallpapers or in small patterns (a flower, peas, etc.) will be the best option.

On the photo are floral motifs covering the interior of the kitchen.

Living room

In the living room you should opt for wallpaper with a pattern (diamonds) or an ornament - vegetable, floral or heraldic. The classic choice is a strip, which can be both monophonic and color. Also, do not forget about the visual effect, which give the line. So with their vertical location on the walls - the room is visually increased in height, and at horizontal - in width.

Entrance hall

The muffled colors of the walls, geometry, ornate pattern make the hallway spectacular! However, the room may be in bright colors. Then come to the aid of plain wallpaper in the English style, with a pleasant pastel gamut.

Design and drawings

Wallpapers in English style have a number of key features in the design.


Variants of drawings on canvases are borrowed from floristics. Ornate vegetation, tree branches, buds of the most beautiful flowers of the world, are painted on English-style canvases. However, the most common colors are roses.

In the photo the living room with the use of wallpaper with floral pattern.


The participation of birds on the walls enlivens the space, making it hospitable. Wallpaper with wildlife in the children's room, will not leave indifferent to its little owner.


The strip can be self-sufficient in space, as well as serve as a companion for other drawings, such as colors. Options pasting can be varied and completely non-standard.

In the photo, the combination of a picture with a floral print and a strip.


Various variations of the cell will help to make the space cozy and stylish.

Pictured living room with wallpaper in the cage.


Wall covering with English heraldry prints, sets the interior severity and stylistic orientation.

Under the tapestry

Wallpaper in English style under the tapestry gives the space a thematic storyline.

In the photo coating under the tapestry. Common plots of the picture: human life, hunting, animals and birds.

Color spectrum

You can highlight the main colors that are commonly found in the interiors with the English style.


Blue color makes the room rich and luxurious. A fine addition is a contrasting white stucco.

In the photo the interior of a cozy living room with blue wallpaper.


The green color of the paintings in the English style gives peace and tranquility. A good addition is good-quality wooden furniture. The combination of green and woody colors, makes the interior self-sufficient.


Pure red color can be aggressive, so it needs to be brought closer to terracotta shades.


The furniture of noble, dark brown colors will perfectly be placed on a beige background. At the same time light walls make the space airy and light.

Pictured living room with wallpaper in the English style. Fireplace area.


Rich brown, as well as blue, is interestingly combined with white elements (for example, plaster moldings). Fills the room with depth and mystery.

Combining wallpaper

English-style wallpapers combine well with blackout curtains, crystal chandeliers, a fireplace, antique interior items and of course leather furniture.


Mahogany, walnut and oak furniture, decorated with carvings, is a good addition to the wallpaper. In the decoration of upholstered furniture are used expensive types of fabrics, both plain and patterned. Velor, velvet, flock, leather - these are the most popular types for upholstery of sofas and chairs. Attention is drawn to the shape of the furniture, which has the characteristic features - rounded armrests, Kapitone stitch, massive legs and expensive drapery.

On the photo is an English-style Chesterfield leather sofa.


In the drapery of windows, self-contained curtains of brocade, thick silk, tapestry, velvet and rep are also involved. It should be noted that modern manufacturers of finishing materials have collections in which fabric and wallpaper have a common pattern. This allows you to link the decoration of the walls and drapery into a single decorative ensemble. Strip, natural ornament, cell - the most common patterns in curtains and good companions for wall coverings.

Traditional forms of curtains have a straight silhouette of the curtains with hooks, as well as shortened. A feature of this type is the horizontal and lush fabric assembly, which covers the third part of the window.

Photo gallery

English-style wallpaper in combination with aristocratic interior items, endows the space with luxury.

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