Tips for choosing the color of doors: a combination with walls, floor, plinth, furniture

The color of the doors in the first place should not only ideally be combined with the overall interior, but also contribute to a comfortable atmosphere. There are no strict rules in choosing a tint solution, so you can be guided by your own preferences and fantasy.

Tips for choosing colors in interior design

A few basic recommendations:

  • In a small apartment it is better to use interior linen in bright colors, since dark colors, for example, purple, black, wenge or other shades, will make it dark, even smaller and more uncomfortable.
  • It is not advisable to combine with each other warm and cold shades.
  • According to Feng Shui, the doors on the north side can be painted in black, blue or white. Door designs that extend to the northeast or southwest should be designed in brown or yellow colors. For paintings with an eastern or southeastern orientation, black, blue or green shades are an excellent solution.
  • For a wooden house the best option would be to supply entrance or interior door models of natural wood shade.

What to choose the color of the canvas?

The most popular combinations.


Doors made in the same tone with the walls will be especially appropriate if the furniture in the room and the floor have different shades.


When choosing a color for the interior door leaf in the first place should focus on the tint and texture of the flooring. Also, with this combination, the type of material plays an important role, for example, for combination with laminate or parquet, solid wood doors are more suitable than plastic models.


With the help of such important connecting elements as the plinth and platbands, it is possible to emphasize favorably and focus on the door structure or, on the contrary, smooth the transition from one color to another.


Quite often, the door is selected in color or a couple of tones darker or lighter than large pieces of furniture, such as a kitchen, cabinet, shelving, or other items. In the bedroom, the interior door leaf can be combined with a headboard, bedside tables or a dresser.

How do the color of the doors and walls in the interior?

Opposite shades are attracted and complement each other very harmoniously. With the help of a contrast combination, it turns out to form a memorable interior, giving it brightness and creativity.

The photo shows a contrasting combination of an interior door with a wall finish in the interior of a modern bedroom.

It is also safe to combine plain wall and door surfaces, this solution allows you to decorate the room and fill it with comfort and warmth.

The photo shows a small living room and a monochrome combination of an interior door with brick wall cladding.

Popular interior door colors

There is a fairly wide color palette, in which they distinguish both dark and lighter shades.


Due to its brightness and saturation, blue always attracts attention and is very relevant in the design of various rooms.

The photo shows a bedroom interior with a blue interior door decorated with glass inserts.


This shade has an incredible plasticity, due to which it always looks advantageous and fits well into a variety of interior solutions.


Perfect for any style and interior. Unobtrusive and inconspicuous white color will undoubtedly give the situation lightness and spaciousness.


It will add bright notes to the room, give the design vividness and reveal it from the best side.

Bleached Oak

Luxurious, comfortable and at the same time original shade of whitened oak, is notable for its rich light and a certain volume. However, this color in the interior is not in harmony with the chocolate, red and chestnut tones.

The black

It gives the atmosphere dynamism and forms a truly state-of-the-art, bold and innovative design.


Soothing, warm, unobtrusive, flowing and very aesthetic sand shades, as if fill the room with sunlight, adding to it tenderness and lightness.


It is the dominant and bold color, creating a chic and rather catchy interior.

The photo panel door interroom red color in the interior of the bedroom.


Incredibly interesting and multifaceted shades of green fill the atmosphere with bright notes of spectacularity and originality.


This slightly complex natural shade, due to its elegance and depth, always stands out very well against the general interior background.


Juicy and bright yellow colors, look particularly impressive in modern design and give it even more unusual and catchy.

In the photo are sliding interior doors of yellow color in the interior of a modern kitchen.


Such a refreshing and slightly cold shade, in contrast to the strict and slightly solemn blue, makes the interior more delicate.


Neutral beige, due to its sophistication and elegance, harmoniously fits into any room, forming in it a soft and calm design.

On the photo is a children's room for a newborn, decorated with a glossy door of beige color.


They represent a rather bold, original and even a bit shocking interior solution, which noticeably enlivens the surrounding space and gives it a unique characteristic. Multicolored interior models can even combine acid colors or, for example, turquoise, yellow, pink and green shades.

Door Surface Options

There are two main types:

  • Matte. Noble matte interior door leafs, perfectly combined with the overall design concept and create a truly amazing interior, filling the atmosphere with special comfort and hints of conservatism.
  • Glossy. They look much fresher and more unusual and due to the brilliance and brightness of the gloss, they give the room a presentable appearance and visually increase its area.

On the photo is a children's room and a white interroom door with a matte surface.

Depending on the glossy or matte surface, the overall spatial perception can be significantly influenced or completely changed.

Recommendations for choosing colors in the interior of rooms

Interior door designs should not only be a functional space delimiter, but also be a harmonious addition to the design of the kitchen, hall, bedroom, corridor, bathroom, toilet and other rooms.

Doors can act as the main accent spot or become an excellent background allowing interior objects to play with new colors. For example, for the nursery, cloths are often selected, both in bright yellow, orange, crimson, light green, and in more delicate and pastel beige, cream, pink, blue, milk, pistachio or peach tones.

In the photo the interior of the hallway in bright colors with a bright entrance door of turquoise color.

Ideas selection of colors depending on the style.

The choice of design and tint also depends on the given style direction of the room, for example, for a Provence, which does not accept sharpness, interior designs with a less pronounced color tone and a more modest look will do.

Doors in the loft style often involves brown, gray, black linen or ivory models. For hi-tech and minimalism, glossy or matte doors with glass inserts or chrome and metallic fittings will be appropriate.

In the photo there are deaf interior doors of brown color in the interior of the bedroom in a modern style.

In a classic design using natural textures, brown, beige, gray, white and other similar tones. Also, door interior products decorated with handles of gold, bronze or silver. The modern style has no particular limitations in the color scale; both bright and contrasting, and calm and muted shades are perfect here.

On the photo is a teenage room in a loft style and a gray interior door with frosted glass inserts.

What color is the door in fashion now?

Designers in 2019 highlight the most current color scheme, which will bring a fresh idea and a new look to the door leaf to the interior. Neutral and soothing shades are especially popular, for example, beige, brown and terracotta. Also, except for warm colors, the trend is interior interior design in gray.

Photo gallery

Competently chosen color of the doors, allows you to give the room completeness, reasonableness and give it additional comfort. These interior design should fit organically into the environment, not to dissonate with the interior elements, but on the contrary, it is beneficial to complement them.

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