Slate roof

Roofing slate It is found in various shades, the most common is gray, it is also marsh green and burgundy. The noble silver shimmer and various forms of small "scales" were highly valued in the Middle Ages, slate roof adorns the Louvre, Versailles, Buckingham Palace and many castles on the Loire.

Thanks to the small size of the tiles, roofing slate used to cover the roofs of various forms, there are no restrictions on the geometry.

By its appearance, such a roof resembles the scales of an ancient dragon, it looks rich and noble, therefore, in spite of the cheap price, the owners of estates and large country houses often choose slate roofing for their homes.

Masonry slate can be performed in more than ten different options, by itself, this roof will look like a work of art, rather than as a building material.

For example, the German brickwork “bogenschnitt” is made at an angle to the eaves, the French version is the use of square tiles with beveled corners, the English version is tiles in the form of rectangles. Among the new types of clutches an interesting variant is the “beaver tail”, it is made in the form of semicircular scales.

Work with the roofing slate requires great skill and high qualification of the roofer. There is a “wild masonry” technique, it involves shaping slate tiles directly on the roof before laying. Tiles turn out to be scattered in a random order; it is this artistic “chaos” that requires the finest craftsmanship.

The master must accurately and skillfully reproduce the installation technology slate roof, correct the error or error in consequence will be very difficult.

When choosing a slate as a roofing covering, it is important not only to choose a quality material, but also to decide on a firm with an artist whose craftsmen have sufficient skills to work with the material.

Properly executed masonry will serve you and your grandchildren, the life of the slate roof is more than two hundred years. For Russia, slate is imported from Germany; shale raw materials are also produced in Spain and France. The cost of slate tiles is quite high due to the use of manual labor. The most expensive are thin plates up to five millimeters, with shades of bordeaux or green tones.

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