Decorative shelves for the kitchen do it yourself

Kitchen shelves - a stylish and functional decor. Whereas previously, mostly closed-locker headsets were used, then now open storage systems have come into vogue that look original and fresh. They place not only the necessary utensils, but also decor items: plates on stands, vases, cups, pots, cutting boards and even books. The idea of ​​using decorative shelves in the kitchen belongs to the Americans, although European housewives are not averse to decorating their home with such detail. Open storage systems can make their own hands, while also saving on materials due to the lack of doors and opening mechanisms. Consider a series of workshops on creating beautiful decor.

The role of decorative shelves

Kitchen decorative shelves have several advantages:

  • Such functional detail looks great in long and narrow rooms. For parallel planning, only open storage systems are used, since drawers with doors will “hang over” the hostess, creating a feeling of cluttered space.
  • Undoubtedly, hand-made decorative shelves are a great way to keep within a tight budget.
  • Filling shelves can be very diverse. Here you can put utensils, which do not have enough space in the lockers, or arrange decorations, giving the kitchen a special charm and comfort. Decorative designs, as a rule, are mobile and, if necessary, are easily dismantled.
  • The shelves blend harmoniously with hi-tech, country, minimalism, Scandinavian and classic styles. This interior element is universal. If it is made of expensive wood, varnished or carved, you get an exquisite kitchen decoration. Branched shelves from old pallets, carelessly covered with light paint, will fit perfectly in a number of rustic styles (Provence, Russian).
  • The contents of the shelves are within walking distance, that is, it is easier to take a plate or spoon than from the locker. This greatly simplifies the workflow and minimizes time costs.
    Of course, the owners will face difficulties. For example, the contents of the shelves will be quickly covered with grease and dust. Regular cleaning will have to carry out more often, and from the ornaments of fabric - refuse. Open storage systems are not always possible to integrate into the interior of small kitchens, which are already furnished with furniture.


Professional designers consider the optimal combination of open shelves and closed cupboards in the kitchen. Both types of storage systems complement each other.


We determine the design and size

Before you start creating a decor, you need to decide on three important aspects:

  • Location.
  • The size.
  • Type of construction.
  • Content Features


As for the location, the shelves are not recommended to be installed near the stove or sink. In the first case, the contents will be even faster covered with a layer of fat. And regardless of the power of the hood. In a situation with a sink at a close location, the spray will become a problem. If you hang the shelf high above the sink, then the water just will not reach. Depending on the location of the shelf is classified into three types:

  • Wall mounted.
  • Desktop.
  • Floor (shelving).


Separately note the corner shelves - the best option for small kitchens, which saves space. The simplest design is rectangular. To complex include multi-tiered and figured, built-in plasterboard box. By design, shelves can be open and closed. The second option is more related to the lockers. Open designs can be simple and complex (pull-out, light, sliding, spinning). Shelves are also classified into many types depending on what content they are designed for. For example, there are wine, crockery, under the TV, exclusively decorative. The size is affected by the functionality of the space and the estimated amount of content.


Material and design of the shelf

The cheapest and most affordable material for the shelf slats is wood. You can buy a couple of boards or disassemble old furniture. Pallets - construction pallets designed for heavy loads will be an excellent "source" of material. Of these, by the way, they construct not only shelves, but also beds, coffee tables and chairs. Slightly simpler will look storage systems made of wood (chipboard, MDF). For strength, they are also inferior. Glass bars - ideal for high-tech or minimalist style kitchens. Plasterboard structures can be given complex, original forms, which will make the kitchen shelf an accent decor. Also a big role in the design of the element is the mount. With the help of metal ropes, ropes, straps create magnificent hanging shelves floating in the air. Standard, fastened to the wall, also decorated with forged or wooden support.


Master classes on making shelves do it yourself

Before you get to work, you need to make a project and decide on the location of the shelf, its shape, size and type of construction (pick up the mount). Be sure to take into account the peculiarities of the stylistic decision of the kitchen. A modern glass shelf with metal fixings will look ridiculous and inappropriate in a classic or rustic interior. Consider a series of workshops on creating a decorative storage system.

Drywall Shelf

To work with drywall you will need:

  • Scissors for metal.
  • Perforator.
  • Knife for drywall.
  • Plumb and level.
  • Shuropovert.
  • Pencil, compass, tape measure.
  • Dowels and screws.
  • Guide profile, suspensions, corners.


For decorating the shelf you will need a spatula, putty and paint, wallpaper, plaster (depending on the design option). All work is divided into the following stages:

  • Training. Marking the wall, taking measurements using a plumb line, level, tape measure and a pencil.
  • Mounting frame framework of profiles (angular, guides) with a knife on the metal, screwdriver, screws and dowels.
  • Cutting drywall. Installation of the prepared sheets.
  • Masking seams with putty.

Finishing work decorating. The easiest option - painting. Drywall is convenient because its surface can be adapted and combined with any finish. As a result, the shelf and the wall will look like a single unit. If you plan to place heavy objects (TV or microwave), you will often have to mount and use drywall with a thickness of at least 1.6 cm.

Plywood shelves (MDF)

It is easiest to carry out the preparation of the future shelf from a sheet of cardboard or hardboard. It is applied to plywood and encircled with a pencil around the edge. Then the elements of the shelf cut out. Behind the racks cut slots for mounting. Then the shelf is assembled, fastening elements with glue and screws. The front ends of MDF are glued with decorative veneer tape. The shelf itself is coated with varnish or stain. After drying the composition of the storage system is fixed on the wall.

Shelves made of wood

Shelves made of natural wood are mounted on the same principle as the construction of MDF. A stylish addition to country or eco-kitchen will be the construction of a half-log instead of a crossbar and thick bifurcated branches as a support. You can use the boards from the pallet. Pallets simply disassemble into components. The main thing that pallets were still strong, without rotten. Their surface will have to be further processed: either remove a thick old layer of wood, or branch out (clean the surface along the fibers, giving the tree its original texture). If there is no desire to tinker with the disassembly of the structure, then the pallets can be used entirely. For example, for a hinged shelf, the pallet is simply fixed with the “front” side to the wall, so that the inner crossbars form shelves. This decor looks rather rough, but it is perfectly combined with the country style. Also the pallet can only be partially disassembled. Dismantled boards are used as horizontal shelves and secured to the pallet frame with self-tapping screws.


Chipboard shelves

For kitchen shelves choose a special type of chipboard sheets, which are covered with a special moisture-resistant film. It will protect the material from the aggressive microclimate of the room. The main question that will arise before the master in the manufacture of the shelf - a way to connect the structural elements together. There are only three methods:

  • By wire holders.
  • With the help of dowels and glue.
  • With the use of screw ties (with wedged inserts).


The rest of the work with chipboard is no different from the manufacture of shelves from MDF. The ends of the elements after mounting the structure will also have to be decorated with veneer tape, masking ugly cuts.

Master the shelf of ice cream sticks

For the manufacture of shelves will require:

  • Ice cream sticks.
  • Varnish or stain.
  • Glue and stubble.
  • Elements for decoration (twine, burlap, silk ribbon).


Despite the seeming fragility, you can build a fairly strong shelf out of ice cream sticks. First determined with the configuration of the structure. The material allows you to make the shelves of the most complex forms. The first row of sticks should completely follow the contour of the future construction. They are fastened together with their tips with glue. The rounded end of the previous stick is placed on the next one, after which the geometric shape is "closed". The assembly method is somewhat reminiscent of the construction of a Russian log house, where logs are put overlap. Rows lay out alternately, still fixing the sticks with glue. The height of the "wall" and will be the width of the bars of the shelf. After assembly, the structure is covered with stain, varnish, and then decorated. Now the shelf can be hung on the wall. It is worth noting that the storage system performs an exclusively decorative function and is not intended to accommodate heavy objects. On such a shelf you can put a glass vase with dried flowers or a plate on a stand. For greater shelf strength is not designed.

Shelf from the cable channel

The shelves of the cable channel look quite unusual. Ultra-narrow designs are ideal for storing small jars of spices. Thanks to the cable channel, you can build a practical organizer and classify your reserves of spices. The method of making the structure is very simple. First, on the cable channel make notes on the length of the crossbars and vertical racks. From the elements on which the flasks will be placed, cut off in a small strip from the side edge. So it will be more convenient to put the jars, if the crossbar have often. The bottom two elements can be left in the complete set. Then an incision is made at the side of each crossbar. It is placed on the groove on a vertical stand (cable channel cover). In this way, fix all the crossbar. The shelves of the cable channel are good because they do not deteriorate with moisture, as is often the case with wood. The material does not care what the temperature in the kitchen and how much moisture will settle on the surface.

Suspended shelves and mounting methods

Suspended shelves - an extraordinary, beautiful decor. They can only be used in modern styles. The crossbar is made of wood, glass, metal. More traditional shelf models are made from MDF and chipboard. The most unusual in the whole construction is the method of fastening the crossbars. It is not necessary to connect them to the ceiling. Suspended shelves can be attached to the top board, which in turn rests, for example, on the covers of two cabinets. It is possible to fix the shelf on the wooden "cornice" nailed to the wall. On it fix the tips of the ropes or straps. In addition to the stylish appearance, the shelves have high functionality: at any time you can add bars or remove unnecessary ones, that is, the design is assembled as a designer. The most popular type of attachment is rope rope. It goes well with wood and is suitable not only for sea or beach interiors. Rope ropes look appropriate with Scandinavian, eco style, Provence, country and even high tech. Old, but still strong straps will also be suitable for fastening. Ropes are sometimes fixed on the side of each crossbar, but it is much safer to thread them through specially prepared holes. Shelves like "strung" on the rope, adjusting and securing the height of their location with the help of knots.


Making a shelf from wooden cases

Shelves and racks from wooden boxes are assembled according to a simple algorithm:

  • Tara is treated with sandpaper to remove the dusty, dirty top layer.
  • The surface is coated with varnish or moisture resistant paint.
  • Then the boxes are connected to each other by the corners with the help of screws, stationery clips and even ordinary rubber bands.

Shelf-towers can be folded out of the container, or they can be fixed on the walls separately with the bottoms, making up original compositions. If the box is too large, then add an additional crossbar in the middle. An asymmetric composition of box shelves, which are placed both vertically and horizontally, will become an original addition to the modern kitchen.


Master bottle

Bottle holders are special shelves designed for storing glass and plastic containers, mainly with liquids. Cargo, as they are called, is mainly made of thick wire. It is a mistake to say that only wine is kept in the bottle. They are suitable for containers with oil, vinegar, alcohol, sauces, for jars of cereals. In kitchens, such storage systems are usually built into one of the cabinets. If the bottle is not attached to the kit, then you can buy it separately or make it yourself. Sold mainly wire products. However, in addition to cargo, there are wooden, metal, wicker, plastic and even glass bottle holders. The easiest way to make a shelf-rack of several boards or plywood. Crossbars supply sides with special notches (under the bottom and neck), or round holes are cut out in the chipboard sheet. You can build a bottle from the box, where part of the contents will be stored in a horizontal position, and the other - in the vertical. The sides are made of metal rods. Bottles are stored even in logs, which cut "hollows" under the container. Suspended cargo is very concise. For this design, two metal modules with hooks, which play the role of support for the bottle, are sufficient. Another option: double rail with through holes under the neck. So that the bottles do not fall out of the holder, the neck is threaded into two circles, which securely fix the container.



Open shelves in the kitchen will become not only a stylish addition to the interior, but also an excellent incentive for the housewife to keep utensils in perfect order, because now the chaos will become the property of the "public", that is, guests who looked at a cup of tea. In modern homes, more and more often, the entire upper part of the kitchen unit is replaced with a shelving system. Thanks to this solution, the rooms become visually larger. And furniture sets are gradually moving into the status of "obsolete version." The kitchen has ceased to be a room exclusively for cooking. This room also needs decorations.



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