White bathroom: elegant and stylish design

A common misconception is that the white color is boring, uninteresting. With all the variety of choices, an unexpected, but very correct decision would be to design the interior of the bathroom in white. The photo-neutrality of this color is deceptive. Those who studied, and did not pass physics, it is known that white combines all the colors of the spectrum. Due to the endless possibilities of color combinations, associations with the cold Arctic and non-residential operating rooms will not take place. The interior of the white bathroom will be stylish and unique.

White color: psychology of perception and characteristics

The ambiguity of white perception is largely connected with traditions. In Europeans, it symbolizes purity, innocence, is used to give the decoration and outfits of solemnity, festivity. The eastern nations use this color during moments of mourning. The sterility of medical institutions is also emphasized by the use of all white in the setting and materials.

So that white does not press with its coldness, its warm shades are used, it dilutes homogeneity with contrasting colors, diversifies with bold shapes, textures. White generates positive emotions, promotes relaxation. Whatever new-fashioned proposals may be full of the market, white plumbing, white furniture with accessories always attracts the attention of designers and ordinary people. This is a classic.


Advantages and disadvantages of bath design in white

In the snow-white environment there are such positive moments:

  1. The room is filled with light, it becomes more spacious, which is especially important in the absence of windows, lack of natural light.
  2. White emphasizes hygiene, fresh surfaces in the bathroom, gives a feeling of comfort.
  3. Bright accessories look great on this background. A beautiful mirror, the view from the window, a tub with an unusual live plant will attract the eye.
  4. Bathrooms can periodically be completely transformed, just changing the color of towels and rugs.
  5. White surroundings will create the necessary background, emphasize the luxury of the decor.
  6. The color is extremely concise, which is so important in modern classics, minimalism.
  7. On light surfaces less visible bloom, drips, annoying chips, damage. It is also easier to disguise some irregularities, the curvature of the corners.
  8. To well illuminate the bathroom, you will need fewer light sources than for a room decorated in dark colors.

Like any color, white has its negative points:

  1. Dryness and coldness. Excessive officialdom can be diluted with bright inclusions. So that the toilet and the bathroom do not have similarities with the hospital premises, become residential, cozy, resort to using different decorative elements.
  2. Bright decoration requires constant attention, frequent cleaning, especially in families where young children play pranks. Problem areas decorate, combining darker shades.


Finishing and decoration

So that the bathroom is nothing like the public, medical, should be avoided total snow-white. It is necessary to diversify the colors of textiles, surfaces, decor. Diluted snow-white will retain freshness, elegance, but will make the room more cozy, comfortable and relaxing.


Tile selection

A good design move is the use of various materials for lining: ceramic tiles, mosaics, decorative pebbles, natural or artificial stone. Also combine matte, glossy surfaces, diversify the smoothness of the walls with marble, granite with pinkish, gray streaks.

A darker facing on the floor or the inclusion of an inconspicuous ornament strip on the walls will make the bathroom not only more fun, but also more spacious. The same purposes will serve laying tiles on the floor or in one of the zones on the diagonal, the inclusion in the range of black elements.

Saturated floor color, a combination of different types of tiles on the wall will visually lift the ceiling. Patterned and smooth tiles of different sizes, the combination of a standard tile with a hog, large-format mosaic will never make you bored.


Adding bright details and accents

Playing with flowers in white is doubly interesting. There should not be many other colors. Then even black, purple or purple will look easy, cheerful. Many features are kept in a black and white design option. Choosing a balance, you need to give preference to one of the colors. 50 to 50 look somewhat vulgar.

A small white bathroom with a shower cabin of a different color will become a harmonious tandem. The contrast of white tiles and other plumbing colors with furniture will never remind you of the hospital. A panel or a large-scale mirror in a beautiful frame, a breathtaking view from the window, a dazzling sink in a contrasting color of the tabletop, transparent as the aquarium, the font becomes the center of the interior.


The combination of wood and white tiles when finishing

Home comfort, warmly appear in any part of the house, if the finish is complemented with wooden elements. Even the light shades of wood against the background of white tile become the interior center.

Wooden can make one of the walls, furniture facades. Country style or Provence personify massive beams under the ceiling, the floor, akin to the box sink and bath. The main thing is to think in advance about protecting the tree from moisture. Apply wall panels from the massif, lining, a glued bar, tinted in the most different colors.

A floor that often suffers from moisture is not necessarily completely covered with wood. It is in harmony with ceramics or stone. Cork sheets perfectly resist moisture, while they do not steal precious meters. Wicker chair, table, laundry basket will be an original addition to the brown-white interior.


White bathroom care tips

To keep the decoration and plumbing intact - the problem of any hostess. Light shades all the more require attention. When choosing detergents, it is necessary to take into account the properties of the material, whether it is tile, wallpaper or glass. For each of them have their own recommendations. A tile or stone can withstand the effects of most detergents, such as:

  • soap solution, diluted with water, alcohol or vinegar, which cope well with old stains and divorces;
  • The disinfectants recommended for each coating not only retain their color, but also protect them from pathogenic microbes, fungi that like to settle in a moist environment;
  • the final stage of cleaning should always be clean water, the jet of which is directed from the top down, there will be no trace of soap stains if you use a special felt rag.

It is better not to use finishing materials with deep relief, and so that the soapy coating is not so noticeable, choose a finish with a matte surface. Wet rug at the entrance will relieve from the hassle with interstitial seams. Their, as well as plastic, gloss protect from the effects of abrasives and acids. Hands protect with rubber gloves. The room should have good ventilation, especially if there are wooden elements in the decoration.


Lighting features

The white color of the bathroom has a high reflectivity. This effect can be used if you want to change the shade of the walls of the room. Blue ceiling lamps will make them cooler, reddish lamps will bring in warm shades of pink.


At the mirror is to place a fluorescent lamp. She will help to see all the flaws of shaving or makeup, set up in the morning on a working mood. Relax in the warmth of the foam in the evening will help matte ceiling diffusing soft light. For a romantic atmosphere, it is advisable to turn on the LED lighting around the perimeter. Ceiling sources may not be needed at all in a white on all sides of the room.

Lamps should be removed from areas where splashing is possible. Floor lamps can also be a source of danger. Here we need lighting devices with a high degree of moisture protection.


Choice of plumbing and furniture

White toilet with a bathroom look good, surrounded by snow-white furniture. But if you want to show imagination, you can do a search for bright equipment.

Acrylic, cast iron fonts have become fashionable to surround the wooden screen. Everyone is accustomed to the fronts of solid wood furniture and MDF, but chrome-plated faucets with black wood levers look unusual.


Particular attention is paid to the choice of furniture for a small bathroom in the Khrushchev house. Here, the white color will be the most advantageous as a space spreading. In addition, you should not get involved in massive showers and bathrooms. Suitable corner models, combined, asymmetrical, with a deep tray, sliding doors.

Washbasins located above the bedside table or on top of the washing machine save space. The toilet is chosen compact, with a narrow tank, which is hidden in a wall or pencil case.


With sufficient room size, it is boldly decorated with stools, tables. Commodes and shelves will be useful, a living area will give the spa area soft armchairs and lounge chairs.

The light tone of the walls, plumbing equipment will be a good background for the rich colors of the facades of furniture and accessories. It is only necessary to remember that the classic combination is to dilute the white color with no more than two colors. Good chrome, bronze, copper accessories, made in the same style. But if the bathroom is on bronze legs, it is better if the towels and the rug are of a more reserved shade than ultramarine.


Combinations with other colors

White is full of nobility, clean, fresh, but not always self-sufficient. When decorating it will look more advantageous in combination with other shades:

  1. Black and white version. The combination of noble, elegant. You should not overload the small room in the panel house with black. A few accents of this color are appropriate here, for example, one of the walls laid out in a checkerboard pattern or several small shelves.
  2. White and red. For lovers of dynamics and passion. A really bright explosion can happen, especially when adding black.
  3. Blue-blue combinations give the room a coolish hue, soothe, pacify. Choosing a marine theme, you can add pebbles and shells to the composition, add colored sand and sponges.
  4. White-green is not so popular, but it looks very impressive. It is advisable not to add any other colors, green should also not be very much, preferably using two of its shades. The effect will be added with a live flower or vertical gardening with system of autowatering.
  5. The gray-white combination is used in many directions. It is popular in high-tech and minimalism, it looks stylish, expensive, but cool. Gray brick, anthracite or steel walls will emphasize dazzling white plumbing, emphasize the taste of the owner.



White design meets the needs of the most demanding public, satisfies the tastes of all generations living in the house. Sophisticated game with colors and decorative elements will be in line with conservative views, and original passions.

The advantage of white color will become obvious even for those who do not welcome it, if all the nuances of decoration and furnishings are planned in advance.

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