Pine cone ideas

The decor of the cones will decorate the interior of the room and the exterior of the house. From this simple and affordable material make funny animals, miniature trees, original bouquets, decorative wreaths for the holidays and the whole wall panels. In our country, cones or achenes, as they are called in the common people, are associated with the new year, decorated Christmas trees and the smell of mandarin. In Western countries, they are decorated with traditional wreaths for Christmas. They are made of wood branches, decorated with ribbons, beads, candles and artificial snow. The finished composition is attached to the front door or hoisted on the festive table. When creating crafts, acorns, chestnuts, nutshells, cloth and various accessories are used additionally. Some of the most accessible types of natural material are noted:

  • Pine. They are small in size, have a slightly elongated shape to the tip;
  • Larch cones. Remind slightly flattened balls. Even in closed cones, the tips of the “scales” are curved outwardly;
  • Spruce. Oblong specimens, from pine differ in size (two to three times more);
  • Cedar. The largest: the middle bump barely fits into the palm. Exotic material for residents of the south and middle zone, as cedars prefer the northern climate;
  • Fir. They look like spruce, but have smaller “scales”;
  • Sequoias. These cones, like the parent trees, are gigantic in size. For crafts are not used, except when creating a huge, monumental compositions.

Cones are a natural, eco-friendly material, crafts from which you can easily create with your own hands, armed with patience and a pair of master classes.

Material preparation

Spruce and pine cones are harvested throughout the winter. They ripen and begin to fall off by mid-autumn. “Closed” cones grow on the branches: their “scales” fit tightly to each other, thereby protecting the seeds. Under the feet of a fallen carpet are usually already opened copies. The owners of country houses and cottages for mining go to the nearest forest. Residents of apartments in metropolitan areas are sent to parks. Usually, maple trees, chestnuts and blue Christmas trees are planted there. After the "forest" harvest is harvested, proceed to its processing. This stage is of great importance, since the hand-made article with time can lose its form, and, accordingly, the “marketable” form. A few tricks will help any novice decorator with this:

  • If you got the curved specimens or vice versa, you need to bend in a certain direction, then the shape is easy to adjust. Type in cold water in a container and soak the bumps overnight. In the morning they are taken out of the fluid already malleable. In places that need to be corrected, the cone is dragged with a hard thread and dried. A miniature bud, which is surrounded by full-blown "petals", looks original.
  • To lighten the scales prepare a solution of water and bleach in proportions of 5: 1. Cones are soaked in it for 2 hours. Then they are thoroughly dried and washed with soap and water to remove microscopic particles of household chemicals.
  • To cones are not revealed, they are soaked in wood glue. After the procedure, dried. Original look instances that soaked only half. As a result, one side will be securely glued together, and the second will eventually bloom like an exotic flower.
  • In a warm room, the bumps will open sooner or later, to speed up this process, boil them in boiling water for an hour, and then put them on the battery for drying. Some bake the material in the oven. It is heated to 250 degrees and prepare the future decor for two hours. During this time, the bumps will open and will remain so.

The latter method of treatment additionally also disinfects the material.

By the way, during the heat treatment of cones, the apartment will be filled with a unique coniferous aroma, which will linger in it for a long time. This method is used to create the atmosphere of the New Year holiday.

New Year ideas

Pine or Christmas tree, garlands, balls and, of course, mandarins in a basket are considered to be mandatory attributes of the New Year's decor. It is possible to make not only decorations or bouquets from cones, but also wreaths, toys, decorative candlesticks that will decorate the room and a festive table. In seed baskets they give presents or make sweets in them for guests.


Options for Christmas tree toys

Christmas toys from cones look stylish and original. They are usually combined with simple balls. All toys are conventionally divided into several types:

  • Simple cones on thread. They are painted or decorated with accessories;
  • Figures of snowmen, owls, deer, mice and other animals;
  • Garlands;
  • Christmas stars;
  • Bulky snowflakes.

To create a simple decor, which nevertheless will look stylish and natural, you will need:

  • Glue. It is better to take carpentry;
  • Strong thread;
  • Needle-Gypsy;
  • Spray paints;
  • Crumbly sparkles;
  • Plain wool.

For additional decoration using ribbons, bows, miniature gifts, red beads, imitating rowan-shaped brushes. When the bumps are prepared properly, they are stained from a can. Usually use paints with a metallic or gold tint, because such a decoration looks more impressive. If simple colors are used: red, green, purple, then they are additionally decorated with sequins on top. After complete drying of the paint, the surface is covered with a layer of glue and, until it is dry, sprinkled with shiny crumbs on top. In some cases, the tips of the flake flakes are painted white, imitating snow (sprinkled with salt). A similar coating, but more voluminous, can be made from small pieces of cotton wool. The “stub” of the buds is pierced with a needle with a thread threaded into it or a loop is fastened on it. In this way, toys will be attached to the Christmas tree. On the string strung "brushes" of beads, attach satin ribbons and bows with tiny gifts. The last ones are quite simple:

  • Cut a cube from foam and coat it with glue;
  • Wrap it in shiny wrapping paper;
  • Decorate the gift with a gold thread or ribbon.

Garlands of cones are created according to a simple scheme:

  • Achenes of different sizes are prepared for decoration;
  • The “stub” of each bump is pierced with a needle or an awl;
  • A thread or line is passed through the hole. If the garland is long, then it is better to use the latter, since it is safer;
  • The resulting "ribbon" is painted or decorated with "snow caps" (glued with cotton).

Christmas stars and big snowflakes are created on the same principle. The only difference is that the second rays will have more. The asterisk traditionally has five ends. For work you will need:

  • Wire for the frame;
  • Directly the material itself;
  • Carpenter's glue;
  • Awl;
  • Paint, glitter, decorative elements.

First, a five-pointed frame is made of wire. For snowflakes add "rays" at the discretion. Then bumps (about the same size) are pierced from the "cuttings" with an awl. The wire is smeared with glue and the decor is strung on it. After the bonding agent has dried, the finished products are painted, sprinkled with sequins or artificial snow. To create snowflakes, cones are attached to its core with sharp ends to make the figure “fluffy”.

To make decorative animals, you will need basic material, toothpicks or wire, glue, beads for the eyes, pieces of felt or other cloth for clothes and cotton wool. To create an animal from the cones, you have to connect the fantasy. A large copy will become the body, a smaller cone will suit for the muzzle, and the legs are made of thin wooden sticks. Santa Claus and snowmen are dressed in tiny suits. "Parts of the bodies" are interconnected according to the principle of the fastening of a star (wire and glue). To create individual elements use felt, which holds its shape well. Thus, the tree is hung with hedgehogs, squirrels, cubs, bullfinches, owls, deer, mice and gnomes.

The original solution will be the use of old small toys that are no good for anything. They are "gutted" into separate parts, which are subsequently glued to the cone of the body.


Cones wreath

As a basis for a wreath, a ready-made frame, wire or cardboard, bending branches, old newspapers, tightly twisted into a ring are used. Attach the decor in several ways:

  • With glue. The easiest option, which is suitable for paper or purchased in the store circle;
  • Each decorative element is attached miniature rings, which are strung on a wire. The connection of the ends of the circle will have to make after the complete decoration of the wreath
  • Cones, nuts and balls are attached to a fishing line or twine, which is subsequently wound on the frame.

Wreaths of seeds are hung on the door, on the walls in the rooms, or placed on the table near the Christmas tree. Tiny balls, stars, silk ribbons, beads, plastic figures, dried fruits (halves of oranges) and branches of coniferous trees are used to decorate them. Cones are painted in different colors, sprinkled with sparkles, decorated with snow and “draped” with translucent ribbons.

The original decoration in the New Year's Eve setting will be a seed ball. To create it you will need:

  • Toilet paper and glue;
  • Balloon;
  • Paint the color of cones;
  • Sami seeds.

First, inflate the ball, then it is carefully wrapped with paper, which is pre-soaked in glue. The composition is left alone until completely dry. Then its surface is stained in order to avoid the transmission of paper between the slender rows of seed. On the ball put on a festive ribbon that will serve as a loop for attaching to the ceiling or doorway. Now the most difficult stage of work: gluing cones. Since the base is very fragile, it should be handled with the utmost care. Achenes stick to it in a row, trying to avoid the formation of voids. After drying, the surface of the ball is additionally decorated.

The frame can also be made from old wire hangers. Her shoulders are connected to each other, and the hook is cut or used as the basis for the volume detail of the future wreath.


Christmas tree

Not only decorations are made from the cones, but also the Christmas trees themselves. For these purposes, you will need either one bump or a dozen copies of similar size. Miniature Christmas tree is placed in the same pot. The lump is dyed from a barrel in green or silver color, and waiting for complete drying. Then proceed to decorating. Tiny snowflakes of openwork, bead-balls, stars from foil or shiny wrapping paper, rain threads are hung on the opened scales. For a large Christmas tree make a cardboard cone. On it, in rows, glue the seeds with sharp ends to the outside. Large bumps are attached from the bottom, and those that are smaller are left under the top. The finished tree is decorated with Christmas attributes. The presence of even a tiny Christmas tree in the workplace will bring with it a sense of celebration.



Candlesticks can be created from scratch by yourself or decorate existing ones. The easiest and fastest option: the use of glass containers. Salt that imitates snow is poured into it and decorated with small sprigs. A candle is placed in the center of the composition. Neck jars obmazyvayut glue, which pour salt. Over the "snow" layer fix a pair of decorated cones on the string or satin ribbon. For more complex compositions will require:

  • Cardboard;
  • One big shot;
  • Glue and scissors;
  • A small container under a candle made of glass;
  • Glitter for decoration.


Opened the cone carefully disassembled into individual scales. A small circle is cut out of the cardboard twice as large as the bottom of the candle glass. On the paper base they glue the first row of “scales”. Between them leave gaps, since the surface will have a chess order. Then gradually the next one is glued to each row, thus forming a lump. Closer to the tip, the scales are directed with the tips inward to repeat the outlines of the sample. Then the candlestick is decorated with “snow” or sparkles, and a container with a candle is placed in the center.

On the festive table not only decorated candlesticks are placed, but also bouquets of seeds, small coniferous twigs near the dishes or miniature Christmas trees.

Children's crafts

Cones - an excellent material for the manufacture of handicrafts with your child. They make a worthy competition to clay, plasticine and cardboard. Of seedlings often create funny little people and animals (turkey poults, spiders, chanterelles, dogs). The main thing in this process is to connect the fantasy and see in the outlines of the cones of the face, back or paws. In this work, the main material, fabric for costume design, glue, an awl and wire (toothpicks) are used to connect the parts together. Additionally used twine, feathers, buttons for eyes or noses and twigs.


Cones bear

For a bear calf it is better to take a big fir cone. The animal will "sit" like a man. Pine legs are attached to it. To do this, use the wire, which is threaded into pre-prepared holes. The muzzle of the beast is decorated with black peppercorns or beads, which will replace the nose button and eyes. Ears can be made from felt or loops of wool thread. To create another model, a seed that imitates the body is wrapped with twine. Paws are pre-attached to it with a thin wire (it is tied around the “body”). The head is also decorated with a string and attached to the rest of the bear's body with a piece of hard wire, which will act as a skeleton. Ready-made animals are dressed in tiny costumes, caps are put on their heads, and satin bows are tied around their necks. In more sophisticated models of handicrafts, ears and paws are assembled from plucked and newly glued “scales”. To make the toy soft, the heels and auricles are decorated with pom-poms, pre-assembled from threads of light shades.


Cones and chestnuts

Chestnuts make excellent tracks, and when paired with cones, they imitate smooth heads of handicrafts. In the New Year's composition, these fruits flow organically. They are pre-cleaned from the barbed shell. Park "nuts" can easily be placed on a wire or toothpicks. The result is an improvised “bud”, which is woven into wreaths and bouquets. Chestnut-nut filling can decorate a basket of cones. They are also used to create large Christmas trees: the surface of the fruit is covered with artificial snow.


Cones and acorns

Hats of acorns are usually used to create legs and handles in handicrafts that imitate people and animals. You can also make a magnificent volume wreath from them. Whole acorns, their empty caps and pine cones are glued to a dense paper or cardboard base. The finished wreath is covered with a brilliant dusting or paint and wrapped with twine. From acorns and cones get the original topiarii. The tops of such "trees" are not specifically painted, as the composition with different shades of brown itself looks harmonious. Along with walnuts and hazelnuts from acorns make out additional decorative elements in winter bouquets of cones.


How to make a basket

The basket is performed in two versions:

  • Simple with cardboard base;
  • A complex composition made entirely from seeds.


For the first option, they take a piece of cardboard, and glue it together so that it turns out a cylinder. On the one hand, its edge is vertically incised into small pieces, which are folded inwards. They will be needed to secure the bottom. Then cut a circle from the same material and stick it to the cylinder. Pine cones are attached in rows to the base, and spruce ones can be placed vertically. In a more complex version, the seeds are tied with thin wire. It is passed under the blooming scales. The result is several "knuckle" circles, which are connected using the same wire. Subsequently, it can be masked with ribbons. The basket handle is made using a similar technology.


You can also make a semicircular basket. The foam ball is half wrapped in foil in several layers. Lumps are glued to it, and after drying the base is removed. The disadvantage of such crafts is its fragility.

Pine cone gift decor

A wrapped gift can be decorated in a “winter” style. To the bow, which traditionally decorates the top of the present, attach a composition of spruce twigs and one or two seeds. The latter are pre-painted, sprinkled with sequins or decorated with cotton wool. Gather a mini-bunch with a simple thread: it fastens the "cuttings" of cones and the tip of the twigs. Complement the composition with an asterisk or a Christmas tree made of shiny cardboard, on the back of which they write the name of the gift recipient. You can make the tape itself and the tape itself, they are simply glued to its ends.

Originally in a similar “bouquet” miniature balls made of wool threads will look. Предварительно их наматывают на воздушного «родственника», обмазанного клеем. После высыхания шарик прокалывают, а остатки удаляют из «нитяного» каркаса.

Зимний букет

Для создания букета или топиария вам не понадобятся глубокие познания во флористике. Of these decorative elements create a real winter gardens and flower beds in the house. The original addition will be such a composition in the hands of the bride at the wedding. For the manufacture of topiary (figuratively cut trees) a papier-mâché form a ball. It is pasted over with cones, and pierced from below with wire that will imitate the trunk. They pour earth into the pot or pour plaster into it and place several ready-made “branches” of different heights and sizes. They are pre-dyed or wrapped with twine. The finished composition is decorated with accessories, ribbons and sparkles. These trees are placed in the house, as it is believed that they lure good luck. To create a miniature bouquet will require:

  • Cones;
  • Smooth twigs or wire;
  • Glue, scissors;
  • Ribbons for decoration;
  • Beads, paints and sparkles.


As the basis of the composition, use real branches or wire, which will have to be additionally masked. Cones and beads are attached to the tops of the rods with glue. They are painted or sprinkled with glitter ahead of time. Then individual branches are collected in a bouquet and tightly tied with ribbons approximately in the middle. Possible "voids" in the finished composition filled with satin bows in tone. For a greater “winter” effect, real branches of spruce or thuja are added to the bouquet They have neat needles that will not spoil the miniature decor.


Cones - practical and affordable material. The creation of handicrafts from them includes the collection of material, its preliminary preparation and the embodiment of bold design ideas. The process of self-decoration of the room for the holiday will delay even the most serious people who have long forgotten how to believe in Christmas miracles. The atmosphere, created by hand, will be the pride of the owners and a real magic for children.

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