Bathroom design with washing machine +50 photo ideas

Without a useful technique, it is impossible to imagine the life of the present. Therefore, a washing machine in the bathroom is simply indispensable. It provides the correct cleaning of personal belongings, bed linen, home textiles. But in rooms with a small area, it is not easy to enter the overall models. In the old nine-storey buildings, private houses with poor layout, you need to carefully consider the available options for placement of equipment. You can use the free space of the corners, place it between the installed furniture, plumbing. If possible, it is recommended to alter the layout of the room to highlight the central free zone, the passage along the wall adjacent to the doorway. Using simple recommendations will allow you to practically equip housing. They will help to create maximum comfort using even tiny rooms.

How to place the washing machine in the bathroom

Proper placement of equipment in the bathroom is easy to carry out, given a number of simple recommendations. For example, after installing the drain hoses, the water supply must be closed, positioned behind the furniture, bathroom fixtures. Successfully place the technique will help the following rules:

  1. Access to stored household chemicals, cosmetics, the rest of the interior should remain simple, regardless of the size of the model.
  2. For minimal use of free space, appliances can be built into a niche, false wall, under the shelf.
  3. In an elongated narrow room Khrushchev technique is better to have in the far corner. This will provide easy access to furniture, plumbing.

Easy access should also be provided to the technology itself. Convenient location makes it easy to clean the filter, airing the drum, repair the model.

How to put a washing machine in a small bathroom

For small spaces suitable models with vertical loading. They have minimal depth. Perfectly fit into the corner of the room, will be next to the case, chest of drawers, cabinet with washbasin. Models equipped with a hinged door should be installed away from the doorway. Otherwise, when airing the drum, you can accidentally break the door fasteners. In the extended room, the equipment is recommended to be installed near the shower area.


Such an arrangement will exclude the accumulation of free space and leave enough space for passage. If it is necessary to install a model with a hinged door perpendicular to the sink, you should check the ease of access to the equipment. Such a layout is acceptable for rooms equipped with a hanging bowl with a crane. Washbasin on the pedestal, such as "tulip" will not allow you to comfortably load things.

Under the sink

Placing a washing machine under the sink is a rational solution for small spaces. At the same time above the sink can be positioned cabinet with a mirror. This combination ensures minimal use of space. It will ensure the comfort of hygiene and ease of washing things.

Suspended washbasins suitable for wall mounting are suitable for installation over appliances. The budget option would be to combine appliances and a washbasin with a shallow bowl mounted on a shelf. For such models, the drain system is attached to the side or back (located along the wall). Creating a luxurious and "light" room design will allow the purchase of a shallow washbasin with a mixer and sink embedded in the wall. However, such models are sold at an excessively high price and require professional installation, taking into account the specifics of the design, supply and discharge of water.


Next to the sink

Installing equipment near the sink usually leads to the accumulation of debris between them. To avoid such problems and carry out a compact placement of equipment will help its installation under the table top, above which will be located a washbasin. This installation method has the following advantages:

  • under the shelf next to the equipment, you can position a small cabinet (if it allows emptying from the bowl), a laundry basket;
  • on the side surface of the equipment, located close to the sink, due to the presence of the shelf will not be leaked water;
  • The shelf will protect the upper part of the equipment from damage and dirt, the owners will be able to store towels and cosmetics on it.


When mounting the shelf, you should not place it close to the top of the equipment. It is better to leave a margin of 5-10 cm. This will eliminate problems with the installation of a new model with greater height.

In a niche

Non-standard apartment layout is not a problem for creating an original and rational situation. Therefore, in a room with a niche technique should be installed in the wall recess. If necessary, a boiler or other water heaters are mounted in the upper part of the open niche. Also above the machine can be positioned shelves. They are suitable for storing towels, cosmetics, detergents, powder. A practical design solution will be the installation of plumbing rollers. They are applied drawing patterns. They will allow you to carefully hide the equipment and prevent dust accumulation on textiles, household chemicals and other stored products. When using equipment or to open access to shelves, shutters are easily lifted and fixed at the desired height.


In the corner

Arrangement of narrow spaces should be carried out with maximum use of free space of walls, corners. Many popular machines for erasing clothes have a small width. They will fit into the corner opposite the shower area, next to it. Angular arrangement of equipment and locker is allowed. The arrangement above the model of capacious furniture will free the rest of the space of the walls, exclude the accumulation of the room. The presence of a heated towel rail installed above the central part of the wall allows the equipment to be positioned under it without the need for a permutation. Equipment of rooms with a small area, square shape allows installation on one side of the cabinet with a washbasin, a shower stall. The far corner of the opposite side is ideal for the installation of equipment: access to it will be open, the model will occupy a minimum of free space.


In the closet or other furniture

Achieving compact equipment plumbing premises allows the embedding of technology. For example, it can be closed with a sliding door, creating a non-standard design. To carry out a rational arrangement will help such ideas of combining furniture and technology:

  • combination with a dresser. The door closing technique is chosen according to the color of the dresser. Both products are located side by side, creating a low-key tandem.
  • combination with a hanging cabinet. Technique will be a continuation of the wall cabinet. The assembly of the structure is carried out by assembling the common side walls of plasterboard. The upper door opens the cabinet, the lower one gives access to the equipment.
  • combination with a chest of drawers, a sink. A wooden rectangular structure is assembled, which will serve as the basis for a washstand. Inside is a technique, a pair of hanging drawers. Free space under the boxes will take a basket with household chemicals, a basket for dirty laundry.


The combination of bathroom and toilet

Combined bathroom requires a special situation for ease of movement. In such a room equipment can be placed in different ways, leaving free space in the center. The location of the toilet and shower area under one wall allows you to set the model between them. Placing the shower area near the back wall of the room ensures easy installation of the equipment near the bidet (or a regular model). With modern design of narrow rooms, you can install the toilet, bidet parallel to the shower area. They will leave a free passage in the middle. The equipment is installed at the end of the room. Nearby you can place a washbasin, a wall cabinet with a mirror. If it is necessary to combine very small plumbing premises, it is allowed to arrange the purchased model opposite to the bidet. For such an environment suitable equipment with a door located at the top.


Bathtub replacement with shower

A significant limitation of the sanitary room does not allow for the location of useful equipment. In this case, requires a complete redevelopment, including a change of scenery. For rooms with an area of ​​3-4 sq. M, replacement of a bath with a shower stall is suitable. The model may look like a stand-alone box with small dimensions. Suitable products consisting of a low pallet and a glass cubicle in the shape of a parallelepiped. The shower area can be embedded in a niche and not have a back wall. Such models are equipped with a glass front panel. The floor and the rear wall are laid out from the tile, the shower and the faucet are mounted separately. By this principle, shower cabins are equipped with wall dimensions of less than 1 meter. Next to them is easy to fit narrow equipment with a deep drum. Creating a simple design will make room for dimensional equipment with a capacity of 9-10 kg.



Dimensional washing machine with proper planning of sanitary premises will not pile space. Its combination with furniture, sink will save free space. You can have models in the corners, niches. The release of the central zone will provide ease of movement, ease of access to the soul, tap. You can embed the model in a homemade box-base with drawers, dressers, cabinets. Such solutions will help to properly equip the combined plumbing room, which has a small area. If necessary, complete redevelopment of the situation, including the replacement of plumbing, is allowed. For example, an ordinary washbasin with a cabinet can be replaced with a hanging bowl. An attractive option would be to install a small shower. Such solutions will allow for a stylish and rational alteration of the premises, creating the most comfortable conditions for its use.

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