Artistic forging in the interior +50 photos

Stylization of housing with the help of metal furniture, decorations allows you to create a unique design. That is why art forging in the interior looks really good and unusual. Ladders, sofas, armchairs, chandeliers - all this is made by craftsmen from iron, copper, aluminum. Their combination allows to achieve strength and the original appearance of the structures. They can be used for decorating the yard, facades. When choosing suitable models, the main style, dimensions and characteristics of structures should be taken into account. The color scheme also plays an important role. Many masters process finished models with patina, hammer paint. Non-standard transitions of tones, aging of structures allows you to get stylish models that will be a good addition to the ultra-modern and classic design.

History of the use of forging in the interior

Forging different types of products for decorating the rooms and facades of the master began in the middle ages. But at this time there was no emphasis on the originality of the structures. For example, they were characteristic of the Romanesque in the design of architectural buildings. True, more used for reasons of reliability and durability. From the 17th century, balcony lattices, stair rails begin to thin, complemented by various decorations. Often they were decorated with thin silhouettes of vases, vines. This trend came from the Greeks. Later, each type of furniture and decoration is improved according to popular destinations. Used mainly for decorating housing and residences of famous persons. For example, many palaces of the Romanovs are framed by unique lattice fences with various patterns. Such designs have survived to the present day and are used as role models.


The advantages of forged products

Elegance and appeal of art forging is its main advantage. Metal mirrors, clocks, furniture allow you to originally equip your home. They can be used to decorate any part of the apartment. But also exclusive models have a number of other advantages:

  • durability (they are not afraid of moisture, models are resistant to mechanical damage);
  • ease of care (soft rags, pipidaster can be used for cleaning);
  • mobility (when moving, it will be possible to take the acquired furniture with you, except for the stairs);
  • versatility (suitable for rooms with any style, you only need to choose the right model for color, features of decoration);
  • simplicity of combination (among themselves, with furniture and interior decorations made of different materials).


What styles are used

When selecting non-standard metal decorations and furniture, it is necessary to take into account the style of the interior. The prevailing geometric forms, patterns will allow to find suitable models. When searching, you can use the following hint:

  • Provence;

The model should include thin flower-leaf parts.

  • Scandinavian;

Strict geometry, lack of smoothed details are the main criteria for selection.

  • rococo;

For such a style suitable products with refined lines, transitions to massive jewelry.

  • Oriental;

The finest ornate weave, wave-like transitions are considered the most suitable for this direction.

  • loft.

"Rough" transitions, sharpness, the predominance of accurate geometric shapes - the main criteria for selection for such a style.

When choosing decorated products, it is necessary to take into account the compliance with the color scheme of the room in which they are installed. For example, a model with a white, black, gray color will suit the Scandinavian style.

In the living room

The spacious living room is ideal for styling with metal decorations. These include chairs, tables, sofas. Also in the spacious room can be installed:

  • flower stands (allow you to create a special comfort and harmony, free the narrow window sills from the pots with plants);
  • bookcases for books and souvenirs (provide compact and stylish storage of various trifles, personal belongings);
  • coffee table (suitable for tea drinking, storage of books and magazines, installation of vases);
  • chandelier (complete the overall picture and emphasize the created style of the room).

If the design of the room allows, then it should be supplemented with a clock, mirrors with metal frames and decoration. All selected models must be made in the same style.

Forged chairs in the interior

Armchairs with metal frames as close as possible when you design a royal style. Unusual models can be used for installation in halls, canteens. Some are part of a ready-made dining group, for which the whole family will gather for meals. The part is an addition of sofas, located in spacious halls. Many models are equipped with armrests. They can be refined or massive. Upholstery has a different design. For the manufacture of furniture often used jacquard and velvet fabrics. Canvases with pictures in the form of strips, filigree patterns are ideal. Abstractions and images of animals, people for metal furniture do not apply. They in a composition with a massive frame look inappropriate. Less commonly, leather or suede is used as the upholstery.

Forged stairs

Wrought iron staircase in the hall completely changes the general appearance of the room. It visually expands the space. Select the design and type of stairs is based on the size of the hall (or corridor), its design. For a small area suitable L-shaped stairs, straight stairs. But exquisite screw designs are recommended to be installed in spacious halls. The design of the railing needs to be precisely selected for the room's created style. When creating an ultra-modern direction, it is recommended to stop the choice on a completely metal construction. For a classic style would be appropriate combination of iron railings with marble steps. For other areas, models with steps made of wood are ideal. Taking into account these features will help to choose the stairs with the most appropriate design.

In the bedroom

The refined design of the bedroom is easily achieved with the use of metal furniture. It includes a bed, a dressing table with a mirror, bookshelves for books and flowers. An original bench will help to complement the sleeping bed. It is important that to create an attractive design, you can replace all the usual furniture, lamps. For example, the usual sconces to change the sconces with metal filigree frames. But the bedside tables can be replaced with a bedside table with a refined frame and a glass tabletop. The installation of a coffee table along with a pair of chairs will help to bring cosiness and comfort to the general view of the room. They can be placed near the window or opposite the wall decorated with pictures, a mirror. Such a composition will look elegant and elegant.

Forged bed in the interior

The choice of a suitable bed should be based on its size, design. The most popular are models with large ornate headboard and footboard. The presence of thin weaves helps to facilitate the design, creating a special comfort. For spacious rooms, beautiful models with high canopy are ideal. They can be supplemented with curtains of any fabric: dense, light translucent. In rooms close to the royal style, such models are simply irreplaceable. Another interesting type includes beds with a large filigree headboard and massive legs. With proper selection of textiles, they will not overload the space or reduce it. Ideal for such models will be light-colored bedspreads with the finest patterns, stripes, silhouettes. But bed linen with plants, figures, abstraction must be selected with special attention: most of them on metal beds will look out of place.

In the hall

In the hallway, furniture with metal decoration looks original. In the front can be installed stand for umbrellas. A useful addition will be a mirror in an unusual metal frame. The following models are suitable for the front:

  • benches;

Replace the usual stools, allow convenient change of shoes.

  • hangers;

Suitable for compact storage of outerwear, bags, hats and other things. Models are wall, floor. The first ones look like a stylized plate with hooks and shelves. The latter can be additionally equipped with a bench, bench.

  • key keepers;

Used to store home, car keys.

  • shoemakers;

Can be a solid metal structure, supplemented with shelves of wood.

  • tables.

Possess a height of about 1 meter. Used for trivia, keys, installation of fixed phones.

In the kitchen

Customizing the kitchen will help the owners to select modern sofas with metal figured legs. They can be complemented by armrests, neat headboards. It is advisable to buy models with leather upholstery. The combination of leather with a metal base looks solid and stylish. The upholstery itself will be easily cleaned from any dirt, including stains from dyes (coffee, wine, juice). It is possible to decorate walls indoors with metal shelves. Filigree models will help make the space spacious. Metal suspension organizers also look good. They can be in the form of a rectangular, round, square ornate platform. Different kitchenware is suspended from it. Attract models with original styling, ease of cleaning. But you need to take into account their large weight: the installation should be carried out using the most reliable fasteners.

Forged partitions

A simple zoning of any room in a dwelling can be done using metal partitions. Interlacing patterns of individual parts of the separator does not "load" the space. Filigree decor suitable for conditional allocation of recreation areas, work. They are used to delimit the area of ​​the dining room into two parts: for cooking and eating. Metal partitions can be painted. The most unusual are models covered with gold or silver colors. The effect of antiquity emphasizes the originality of their design. Forms of partitions are any: trapezoid, rectangle, crescent. They can be installed in a frame of wood or mounted without add-ons. Ceiling partitions are a separate type. They are attached above the rapids. Non-standard separators do not occupy space of premises. Best suited to create an oriental design.

Forged cornices in the interior

On metal curtain rods can be hung multi-layered or regular straight curtains. Models are suitable for reliable fastening of fabrics with any density and weight. They are attached to the wall. The main types of models include:

  • Classic (single, double).

They are metal bars for curtains and tulle, only for curtains. Equipped with crocodile clips, rings. Usually complemented by curly tips.

  • With front decoration.

They consist of two parts: strips for hanging fabric, voluminous metal patterns. The second closes the upper part of the fabric and the lower bar. Treat peculiar lambrequins.

  • With side decoration (single, double).

The basis of the design is similar to the classic type. But from the ends of the crossbar, the filigree parts descend in a wave. They are attached to the wall.

Wrought iron clock in the interior

Watches, including decorative metal parts, look appropriate in any room. Wood, colored glass, and ceramics are used as additional materials for them. Craftsmen are made and completely metal models. Their display, dial, frame are made of iron, copper and aluminum alloys. There are metal models of desktop, wall type. The first have a strong frame-stand. The latter can consist entirely of metal parts, be equipped with a decorated frame around the case. The sizes and forms of models are various. Skeletons are considered one of the most popular. All the details in them are well viewed. "Skeletons" consist of rods, gears. In spacious rooms it is recommended to hang large wall models. With a limited area, it is better to choose a desk clock.


Forged mirror in the interior

Beautiful mirrors in a neat metal frame look elegant and elegant. The most popular are models with massive decoration. Such mirrors can be hung on the wall or simply installed indoors. Wall models can be equipped with a small glass or wooden shelf. It is attached to the supports under the mirror. Models equipped with a frame-stand, look fabulous. They can even be located in rooms where children and teenagers live. Thanks to a durable stable frame, the position of the mirror can be adjusted. The tilt angle allows a much more convenient fitting of clothes. In addition, many models are decorated with metal leaves and flowers, stripes, nets. Their protruding parts can be used for hanging decorations.


Fireplace and forging

The presence of this fireplace in the spacious hall of a private house creates a special coziness and comfort. For additional selection of such an item in the overall design of the applied metal grilles. They can almost completely close the firebox or only frame its lower part. To create the most secure conditions for the use of the fireplace, metal decorations can be fixed not on the brick, but on the glass that covers the firebox. The presence of a small handle makes it easy to open and close it, to put firewood. Metal decoration of the fireplace can be carried out around the furnace itself. For such stylization, the fastening of decorations is carried out directly to the brick. Well complement the general view of the fireplace and the installation next to it metal logs, stands for poker, scoop and other accessories.


Forging exterior

Decorating the exterior of a country house is very easy to use when using metal structures. These include balcony grilles, visors for the porch, mounting for lights. Also produced and metal ventilation grilles for roof equipment. But the most unusual elements are garden models:

  • pergolas and gazebos (provide comfort for leisure, family and friendly meetings);
  • bridges (for small ponds or just to decorate the courtyard);
  • arches (used for beautiful growing of climbing shrubs and flowers);
  • garden figures (look original and unusual, allow you to select a recreation area or zoning the site).

Made and metal canopies for the car. Such construction will be very useful for owners of cars. It will protect vehicles from precipitation.


The use of metal structures for decoration due to their excellent quality and reliability. Models can be coated with different types of paint, gold and silver. Stylish designs are able to emphasize any style of the room, make it more comfortable, practical and convenient. Can be used for zoning the space of large rooms or to give them a special elegance and refinement. Designs should be selected according to the main parameters: sizes, design features. Additionally, it is worth asking the manufacturer about the characteristics of the materials used in the manufacture. This will help avoid the formation of plaque, darkening of structures during operation. Compliance with the recommendations of the wizard will help keep the original look of the model for many years.

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