Lavender color in the interior +50 photos

There is nothing more delicate than lavender color in the interior. This color resembles spring, light air clouds on the sunset sky, huge fields with pale purple flowers. He creates around him a calm and joyful atmosphere.

Color psychology

In lavender shade many contradictions. Psychologists say that the choice of this color indicates the seriousness of the person. And at the same time, lavender is a creative color that gives hope for a bright future. It contains notes of nostalgia, flavored with naive gullibility and directness.

In the interior of this shade is designed to add a mystery room. His riddle is not so easy to solve, even if you surround this color with many details.


Sincere and slightly cold lavender is associated with sunset or dawn. There is little solemnity in it, it is not suitable for pompously decorated houses and apartments. But in it there is solidity, kindness and hidden light, ready to prove himself at any moment.

This shade of purple is characterized as different, as if an unearthly color. He reminds someone of the cosmos, but for someone he stirs memories of a grandmother's revival in the village. Lavender is as versatile as you can imagine. Therefore, he is so loved by many designers.

Color in the interior of the living room

Lavender - the flower that best conveys the image of a fashionable shade. In the living room color seems appropriate. Do they paint all the walls? Then the furniture will have to be decorated in bright colors. Solid lavender background a bit tiring psyche, and needs to be diluted. How to do it? The simplest formula is to add one or two colors to the interior.

The walls of the living room can be decorated with lavender only half. It looks equally good in niches and in the folds of curtains. With the help of this shade, you can only make one wall, and the exterior of the room will play in a new way.

Lavender living room - is a permanent trend, talking about the good taste of the owner of the house. Many styles and colors blend beautifully with interior lavender.

The shade of lavender always looks advantageous and expensive when combined with beige and green colors.

The living room in this color pacifies and adjusts in a positive way. Since this shade is very rich and juicy, then the decor for it must be chosen with special care.


In the kitchen

In the kitchen, this color helps everyone to lose weight. It suppresses appetite a little. But it also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. If the designer wants to achieve the effect of a delicate interior, he will choose lavender as the basis of the color palette.

The most winning version of the kitchen in such colors is manifested in the case when the windows of the room face south. The color of lavender is perfectly combined with kitchen sets of simple and clear forms. The natural colors of the kitchen corner only increase the impact of color, revealing its depth and nuances.


Bright lavender can visually reduce the small kitchen. In a small room it is better to use light shades. A languid and multi-layered variations leave for large spaces.

If this version of color is meant in the kitchen as an additional one, then it will be acceptable on blinds, fronts of the headset or on ceramic tiles.

In monochrome interiors, shade is a real salvation and effective weapon against boredom. Add a purple-colored pillow to the black-and-white interior, and the room is transformed.

In the bedroom

Ask the designer where the lavender will be most relevant. And he will answer that the color looks more appropriate in the bedroom. There are always frames for a shade of purple. Silk pastel linen, bright lavender pillows, delicate solid-colored carpet of the same color on the floor, and a trendy interior begins to look complete.

Violet bedroom may look different depending on the presence or absence of certain details in it. When playing with the decor you can achieve the following effects:

  • Rich lavender and fashionable posters on the walls - an option for the design of a teenager's bedroom;
  • Dark violet, a high-back bed and oak furniture is a luxury in its purest form;
  • Lavender and beige are a great way to decorate a country-house bedroom;
  • Lilac wallpaper stripes, stylish paintings and laconic furniture design are sure signs of minimalism in the bedroom interior.

In the bedroom, this shade relaxes and soothes. It helps to forget about the affairs and concerns. Adjusts to rest and complete relaxation. Gold and lavender in one room will give the interior a regal, slightly dilute the calm atmosphere with solemn notes.


In the bathroom

Dreaming of a black and white bathroom? Do not rush to use monochrome tones everywhere. Lavender blotches will certainly bring freshness to this bathroom.

What about a lavender bath? Then the main tone should be diluted with a green, beige or even gray tint. With this combination, tile with floral patterns is best suited. Marble and violet walls perfectly complement each other. Modern bathrooms are decorated with mostly cold tones. Therefore, lavender statistics they are used most often.


In the hall

In an apartment or house with a tiny hallway lavender shade does not look harmonious. This color requires more space than other options.

The color choice here should fall on other tones, and lavender can be added as an accompanying design element.

Photowall-paper with the given flowers can become the real decoration of a hall of average size. Dried violet flower on the table for newspapers will bring the hallway to the style of Provence. And artificial light on the walls will help to visually expand the space.

A hallway in a lavender gray tone will look elegant if one wall in it is closed with a mirror cabinet. The purple door mat blends well with the black and white wallpaper selected for the hallway.

Combinations with other colors

The color of Provencal fields is superbly combined with the following options:

Dark lavenderWith gold, silver, white, gray, and green hues.
Medium lavenderWith beige, blue, crimson, light green, orange, sandy flowers.
Pale lavenderWith pink, emerald, blue, yellow, white, brown, red tones.

These combinations are basic. They are most often used in the decoration of the room.


Cold shades of lavender must be diluted with warm, and warm, on the contrary, supplemented with cold variations.

Lilac - shade supple and light. It can be combined with many options. When finishing the room at the same time use 2-3 colors. But with lavender, this rule gets an exception.


Dry, as if powdered lavender shade is used for upholstery of sofas. All upholstered furniture looks great in this color. For the kitchen lilac choose in gloss. The bright kitchen facade of this shade will make the atmosphere of the kitchen more fun.

Combining lilac with black on the cabinet doors is a high-quality interior reception. But only an experienced designer can add such an option to the general concept of a home.

In general, black and violet - a strong combination. But without certain skills and knowledge of color, it is better not to use it in the house. The result can turn out gloomy and dreary. The dressing table of gentle color will decorate, both a bathroom, and a bedroom. Most often, lavender can be seen not on the furniture, but in the decoration of the walls. But in the furniture variation it is quite good and saturated.


Velor, plush, satin, silk and cotton are a good material for furniture and lavender-colored curtains. Their texture gives violet tones depth, revealing all the subtleties of shades. Natural fabrics for lilac interior is preferable to synthetic materials. The best prints, combined with lavender, are floral ornaments and large drawings.


Stripes and clear line geometry are not always acceptable for combination with violet. Still, lavender, as a trend, is related to Provence, in all other styles it is an additional tone.

What styles of interior fit?

All shades of lavender are applied in the following interior styles:

  • Art Deco;
  • Modern;
  • Classic style;
  • Palace Classicism;
  • Provence;
  • Mediterranean style;
  • Minimalism;
  • Scandinavian style;
  • Pop Art;
  • Ethno.

Another lilac, often found in neo-gothic, being one of the main shades of this direction. Provence is also affected by the color of lavender. It is in this direction that many violet color variations are applied.

Modern and classicism include subtle color options. Mediterranean direction is filled with tones of medium intensity. And ethno stands out among the rest of the juicy and dark varieties of violet.

In fact, any design direction can be combined with a given shade. The degree of compatibility depends on the amount of color in the interior, its saturation and scope. Today, the color of lavender has ceased to be a female prerogative, turning into a true universal color. Office buildings, utility rooms, offices and garages also make out in this tone. Men also prefer the variety of violet no less than the female half of the planet.

Lavender color palette in the interior offers great opportunities for designers. Bathroom, living room, sleeping lilac - these phrases indicate the main areas of application of color.

In children's rooms, the combination of muted violet tones is diluted with bright accents of furniture and accessories. Lilac in the nursery is able to calm the raging baby, helps to focus on homework, creates a favorable space for the game.

Use lavender where you want, because it is appropriate everywhere. Even an ordinary storeroom will become more interesting if its shelves and walls are painted in lavender color. Modern color welcomes the use of the craziest color options. And lavender is ideal for creative experiments. Be creative in a big way so that the result will please you.

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