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The design of the bedroom is often given less time than the same living room. This is due to stereotypical thinking, according to which a person only sleeps here and does nothing else. But those who reason like this are missing one important thing. Without sleep and maximum relaxation of all members of his body, a person will not be able to live long. The body will be tired, worn out, and the effectiveness of mental activity will gradually be reduced to zero. Therefore, consider the premise of the bedroom only as a sleepy kingdom is clearly not worth it. Bedroom design can be made in a variety of different styles, but its main function should be to create a cozy, peaceful atmosphere. How this can be achieved, we consider in more detail below.

Interior decoration

The location of the bedroom in a secluded corner of the house, away from the noisy kitchen or a crowded living room, can be considered the first step in interior design. However, we are interested in techniques that have a direct impact on the interior design, and not those that are indirect.

Among the main are the following:

  1. Disposition of the bedroom space, zoning;
  2. The choice of colors, finishing materials;
  3. The style of the room, furniture and lighting;
  4. Accents of design depending on the gender of the owner, accessories (male, female).

The use of all these tools allows you to give the room not only the aesthetic appeal of the appearance, but also emphasize the individuality of the bedroom owner. Thanks to its multifunctional design, intimate space takes on more importance than just a rest room.


Consider which layout options are generally possible:

  • Traditional bedroom. This option of arranging a room in an apartment implies its maximum isolation from the rest of the premises. In this case, there is no question of any zoning, and the interior design is projected on the basis of the technical parameters of the area and its own taste preferences. The traditional bedroom is intended solely for relaxation, only a seating and sleeping area stands out. The first one has a comfortable armchair with a dressing table and a floor lamp, and the second one has her majesty a bed with a small lamp on the bedside table;

  • Living room bedroom. A similar variant of zoning is used in small one-bedroom apartments, where every meter of area is worth its weight in gold. Various obstacles can be used to delimit the space: be it a furniture set (large wardrobe, shelving), partition (plasterboard, fabric). Occasionally, a method of elevating a particular zone is used;
  • Bedroom study. One of the most popular types of planning. It assumes the combination of two functions directly opposite in their context, which is harmoniously achieved through design work with lighting and color. Also used decorative partitions. The desktop is usually located near the window. If the area of ​​the room is small, in its quality can be used transforming furniture;

  • The combination of a bedroom with a bathroom. The interior, which is complemented by the presence of a bathroom, looks somewhat unusual. This sensation can enhance the designer’s decision to make zoning through a glass partition. It will look eccentric, but original and stylish;
  • Bedroom with balcony or terrace. If the first option is a classic type of planning in a city apartment, then the second one is more likely a dream of the owner of a private house. The terrace can be used for any practical purposes, and to separate the bedroom area with a glass partition or with a thick cloth;

  • Kitchen with a bedroom. Extremely rare type of planning, which can be observed only in studio apartments. Due to the limited spaces, it is necessary to go to such measures. Without the help of a professional designer, it will be difficult to manage in order to properly zone a room;
  • Mini bedroom. The interior of the bedroom of a small size implies serious work on the arrangement of the furniture set. Only the most necessary things should remain in the room, but what you can do without is to be hidden. There are a lot of ways to hide “extra” elements (wardrobe, pull-out beds). Much attention is paid to the use of various accessories;

  • Corner bedrooms. Here, the focus will be on the angular nature of the furniture set. Often this is a cabinet that performs many functions, and must conform to the overall style. The dressing room, although different from the corner option, nevertheless also focuses attention on the closet.

This is not a complete list of options, since there are many individual design projects. For example, book lovers are so immersed in reading that they can afford to combine the library with the bedroom. For them, the one and the other is a recreation area. The space is zoned through a competent approach to lighting.

The choice of colors, finishing materials

The color palette used in the interior decoration of the bedroom, plays almost a key role in the overall perception of the room. Color can directly determine the atmosphere. Her choice should be based on the area and the location of the room in relation to the cardinal points. The northern side a priori involves the use of warm shades of finish. In view of the sufficient amount of light in the south, cool tones can be used. These actions allow you to adjust the temperature of the interior.

When making a bedroom designers advise to use no more than three colors, so as not to increase the visual load on the person. Light colors are welcome. For example, white color of various shades perfectly harmonizes with any other color and solves several tasks at once: visually increases the space, creates an atmosphere of natural lighting.

In general, the choice of colors is not limited to only pastel shades, bright color accents are also allowed.

The combination method is popular when out of the four walls - one acts as an accent. This is often the area behind the head of the bed.

At the same time, finishing materials can be various: from classic wallpaper with photoprints to wood panels, brickwork or ceramics. Also available with Venetian plaster or liquid wallpaper. As for the ceiling, it is strongly recommended to limit the snow-white tint. Finishing the floor has a few more options, because it is not known which is a priority for the owner - beauty or practicality. A compromise can be a laminate with an imitation of natural wood and the arrangement of under-floor heating. A little more expensive installation of natural wood flooring.

Furniture set

The main element of the furniture, of course, is the bed. Often, the very concept of interior design is formed around the bed. Thanks to the finishing tools, even the minimalist design of this furniture attribute can look luxurious. Therefore, restrictions here can be associated only with the overall style of the room.

Do not forget about such qualitative product characteristics as ergonomics or orthopedics.

When choosing, you should pay attention to reliable, durable materials. The main aesthetic moment is necessary to give the headboard. It can be decorated in the most unusual way - from the classic wooden design to textile or leather upholstery. In combination with the accent wall, this part of the bed is the main player in the interior ensemble.

Usually the minimum set of furniture, in addition to the bed, includes a wardrobe and chest of drawers. But if the area allows, it is possible to place a cozy armchair and a bedside table. The color and design of products will depend entirely on the chosen style.

Interior styles

The interior of the bedroom should contribute to the maximum relaxation of the person, but it can also successfully reflect his character and habits. Based on the requirements for comfort and practicality of design, the owner of the room selects his style. Below are examples of the most popular and modern decor options.


The distinctive features of this style in the interior of the bedroom are elegant lines, natural motifs, rounded texture of the furniture. At the same time modern is quite practical style. The interior is decorated with various textiles with exquisite patterns of a wave-like form, a lot of decorative accessories are used.

The following materials are used as materials for decoration:

  • Natural parquet with elegant wood pattern for flooring;
  • Original stained glass windows in the window openings;
  • Forged items from decorative metal;
  • Porcelain tile with a floral or ornamental image;
  • Vinyl wallpaper on the walls or Venetian plaster.

The preference is given to pastel tones with hints of natural colors (olive, woody, cream).

Classic style

It never goes out of fashion, and for the bedroom is an excellent option (although this will require enough space).

To equip the interior in a classic style, you must perform the following steps:

  • Buy a bed with a headboard. The higher and sleeker it is, the better;
  • When making use of a lot of textiles, especially in the area of ​​the bed and windows;
  • Preference to give white or cream color;
  • In the decoration, you can use the elements of gilding.

And finally, the main thing: you need strict adherence to symmetry. This is the fundamental law of harmonious perception of the interior according to the classics.

Art Deco

The unique style professes the aesthetics of "automotive" design with elements of cubism.

Arrangement of the interior in the art deco format involves the following points:

  • Plain walls in pastel colors without images;
  • The dark color of the massive furniture set with smooth shapes and inlaid with expensive accessories (ivory, crocodile leather, decorative metals);
  • Multifunctional lighting; many soft light sources;
  • Textiles should look impressive and heavy (velvet, lampshades);
  • The use of various trinkets made of ceramic or noble bronze.

Pop Art

Infrequent guest in the bedrooms of the owners, however, bold, eccentric personalities prefer him.

The features of the style include the following:

  • The use of bright finish texture. For example, one of the four walls stands out as an accent, while the two adjacent ones highlight it brightly. The latter, on the contrary, looks like a bright contrast;
  • The use of neon lights;
  • Furniture set can be made of plastic, and photoprints can be used on upholstery of the same sofas;
  • For the placement of books and various accessories is supposed to install niches and shelves;
  • For clothes in the living room provides a dressing room. That is, it will require some work on zoning space.


It can also be attributed to the classical options, since the calm that he brings to the bedroom, it is difficult to overestimate.

Design in this style involves the functionality of all aspects:

  • The use of natural wood, ground glass, some metals is welcomed as a finishing material;
  • Preference is given to monotonous colors, light shades. The combination of neighboring shades in a color palette, as well as gradients of the same color is welcomed;
  • Furniture compact set favors a dark contrast to the clarified walls.

Furniture products should be at a minimum, and emphasis on them is not done.

  • In addition to the usual wallpaper used decorative plaster;
  • On the floor, you can use plain rugs or mats;
  • The absence of heavy curtains to remain access to natural light. The best replacement for curtains are classic blinds or translucent curtains.


Good village design has become very popular over time. French aesthetics attracts with its lyricism and light.

For the design of the bedroom in this style you will need the following:

  • Cream pastel colors (wheat, blue, olive);
  • Floristic themes in the decoration of the walls;
  • Natural wood for a set of furniture with the effect of aging;
  • The use of forged items and a variety of white textiles.


It can be attributed to the ultra-modern styles, since it gained its popularity only in the 21st century. Based on the name, it can already be assumed that this design is intended to turn a person to nature. For this purpose, only natural materials are used, and the color palette is characterized by the presence of natural and light shades.

To design in eco style, you need the following:

  • Walls can be decorated with a fabric or paper coating. The use of water-based paints and decorative plaster is also allowed;
  • The flooring can be made of solid wood or rubber linoleum, on top of which is a carpet of wool;
  • Furniture set exclusively from natural wood (exotic woods and woven rattan are welcome);
  • Handmade textiles made of cotton or linen;
  • The use of wild stone in the decoration, as well as all sorts of uses of bamboo: whether it's blinds, partitions or wall-paper;
  • Natural flowers do not happen much, they must decorate the bedroom.

The harmony of modern style can provide the necessary space for a person and guarantee comfort. Also, do not forget about the competent lighting for the bedroom. The use of heavy chandeliers is simply excluded; Many fixtures or designer lighting is recommended.


The interior of the bedroom should be treated with due respect, because it is a zone of human rest. Variants of styles and ideas for decorating the room are vast, but preference should be given to those that take into account the area of ​​the room and its location relative to the cardinal points.


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