Design of a narrow and long corridor

The corridor is the first thing that guests see when entering the apartment. Its appearance completely determines the impression of housing. But the hallway in high-rise buildings rarely has a large space. The owners have to balance on the distinction between style and functionality, which is why the design of a narrow corridor turns into real art, which is not accessible to everyone.

Style for narrow corridor

Owners of small spaces live at the right time. There were years when fashion demanded that even relatively small rooms be littered with an abundance of details and elements. Well, that is already in the past. Modern repair technologies, together with a concise fashion, are capable of blinding a perfect space from a narrow corridor that is not inferior to a wide room in terms of functionality.

Design a corridor in a three-room apartment

The first step in the design of the corridor will be the choice of its style. There are such options:

  • Minimalism. The simplest solution for a small space. It is preferable to use light tones and lighting as close to natural. Characteristic installation of a single accent.
  • Classic. Thanks to the classical style of design, the effect of aristocracy, high cost is achieved. The interior uses natural materials: light wood, marble. Laconic decor only emphasizes overall restraint.

  • Provence. French style is distinguished by its romance and soft, pastel tones. The effect is achieved due to floral motifs, artificial aging of surfaces, ruche and elegant forms.
  • Country Thanks to simple natural materials, rustic decor and an abundance of warm tones, the most cozy atmosphere is created, which is conducive to home rest.
  • East style. Expensive, but perfect for a narrow corridor style. Due to the figured legs of furniture, the effect of lightness and airiness is created, which is so lacking in a small space.

Surface finish

Correctly chosen finish - half of the successful design. The specificity of the premises does not require moisture or heat resistant materials, the owners are able to make a choice based only on their own preferences.

In no case can you line the walls in such a corridor with drywall. The framework method used for this will steal the hidden centimeters of width, thus doing a disservice.

For the walls of the corridor used:

  • liquid wallpaper;
  • glass wallpaper;
  • textured wallpaper;
  • Venetian plaster;
  • vinyl wallpapers.

As for the picture, it is absolutely impossible to use either straight horizontal or vertical stripes or a large symmetrical pattern in a narrow elongated corridor. Both options are only further stretched and squeeze the room. But the chaotic abstraction - what you need for this place.

The ceiling is best to either simply paint in white, or use a modern tension option. It is completely inappropriate here the design of a multi-level ceiling.

Traditionally, ceramic tile is placed on the floor of the corridor: it requires minimal maintenance, is not afraid of erasing and will not become a “death sentence” for dishes like in the kitchen.

Color solution

With the help of games of color you can fix absolutely any room. A narrow corridor is not an exception, but one of the main confirmations of this rule. The best choice when creating a long corridor design will be bright cold colors.

It is possible and necessary to combine different colors: wide walls are trimmed with a warm shade, and narrow ones - with cold light ones - such an approach will “shorten” the room.

Without words, it is clear that the excess of dark tones will make the corridor dark and negatively affect the perception of space. However, the appearance of a hospital ward due to the use of too light colors in the interior of a narrow corridor is also not practical: walls and furniture will often become dirty and require additional maintenance. At the same time, the feeling of comfort will suffer greatly.

Psychologists say that one of the best colors for the corridor will be green. Believe or not their opinion - the case of the owners of living space.

The main elements of the corridor

In conditions of lack of space, it is important to identify the main elements necessary for the corridor. Every detail must be functional. In the corridor are installed:

  • closet;
  • bookcase;
  • thumbs;
  • hanger;
  • ottomans or other seats;
  • chest of drawers
  • entrance and interior doors.
Tile on the floor of the corridor two-room apartment

To block up the most part of the corridor is not worth it. Ideal use of hidden elements embedded in one of the walls. If its facade is covered with mirrored panels, then the space is almost doubled.

Entresol is a good option for seasonal storage of clothes or shoes. The best set for a narrow corridor make to order.

Obuvnitsa will help keep order in the corridor, especially in apartments, where more than one person lives. A variety of available materials allows you to enter this detail in any interior.

The hanger is a required hallway attribute. And although in a small corridor it is often combined with a cupboard, there are many successful options for its use in a small corridor, for example, its corner construction.

Parquet floor

Undeservedly little attention in the design of the hallway is given to the door. But in a small room they can occupy up to 30% of the wall space. The main rule - the door should always be combined with baseboards, if the latter are used. As with other surfaces, it is preferable to use non-dark colors. Well expand the space of the door of light brown wood. If there is such an opportunity, interior doors can be removed, leaving the arch in their place.

Furniture design

The most popular piece of interior hallway in the Khrushchev - wardrobe. This is due to the irregular shape of the room. Instead of piling up space with a variety of interior parts, a single wardrobe with a modular system is installed. This furniture element is made to order, which allows you to get the most efficient place to store things, and create an object that is ideally suited for a room by design.

The front of the closet can be finished with mirror panels, small photos, prints or even completely covered with wallpaper in the style of the opposite wall, which allows you to hide the presence of furniture as such.

There are the following rules to successfully enter the closet in the interior of a long corridor in the apartment:

  • the depth of the furniture wall should not exceed 50 centimeters;
  • storage systems are located along the wide wall, the narrower ones are left empty. Thanks to this, it is possible to slightly correct the shape of the room to a square one;
  • the furniture should not start right near the door. Cutting off the space on one side, the owners, inexperienced in planning, not only interfere with the normal operation of the cabinet, but also visually narrow the already small hallway.


The approach, when only one central light source is installed in a room, has long been obsolete. The lighting will help to emphasize the decorative elements, visually correct the irregular shape of the room and expand its area.

A large chandelier is a thing that absolutely does not fit into the design of a small and long corridor. The tablet-luminaire or even a well-thought spot system will look more organic.

If mirrors or mirror surfaces are used in the interior, highlighting them with light is an excellent solution. Near them, in front of or below them, wall lamps are often used. Reflection of light can give a stunning effect, will make the hallway lighter.

But do not get carried away. The location of the light sources along the entire wall can play a cruel joke: instead of expanding the space, it will attract too much attention and narrow an already long corridor.

Since there is no natural light, one of the most successful solutions would be the use of halogen lamps, the color rendition of which will allow to bring the lighting as close as possible to daylight. Professionals recommend spotlights, which can be mounted directly into pieces of furniture.

Corridor decor

No matter how paradoxical it may sound, a narrow corridor, precisely because of its shape, can become a real art object in skilled hands. The decor can be made even with a small budget.

Corridor in the panel house

Options for decorative design of the hallway can be:

  • Pictures - the most common option. Does not the long, narrow space resemble a gallery in a museum? It is possible to place along the wall both the art of famous artists and the extraordinary works of contemporary creators - everything depends only on the style of the room and the preferences of the owners. Instead of the purchased pictures, photos from the family archive look atmospheric. It is possible to use additional illumination under each frame.
  • Self-leveling floor can be not only a good finishing option, but also successfully play the role of decor. This type of flooring can be made in the most different colors.
  • The use of stone for decoration of individual parts of the room will help to further refine the interior of the narrow corridor in the apartment.
  • Various shelves with spot lighting - a classic option for the hallway. Such an object is able to emphasize the individuality of the owners: someone will post objects of art here, someone will put books, and someone will own awards.

Tricks and ideas to increase the space

If all the above tips were used, and the visual space is still not enough, an additional effect will help to create:

  • Glossy surface. Reflection - the main weapon to combat small space. Glossy ceiling gives you the opportunity to play with light.
  • A diagonal floor pattern will make the room square.
  • When choosing a luminaire design it is worthwhile to dwell on small devices.
  • Installing decorative objects opposite the mirror will give the effect of their symmetrical arrangement.
  • An alternative to conventional interior doors, if the creation of arches inappropriate, may be the construction of sliding doors or the use of curtains to separate rooms.
  • Rays of light should fall from the ceiling to the walls, and not vice versa.
  • The effect of a spacious hallway will help achieve zoning reception. To do this, it is enough to use a combination of different surface finishes.

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