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To make the interior comfortable, you need to pay more attention to details. One of such details may be the presence of wall butterflies. They are a symbol of lightness and are associated with the summer season when it is warm and sunny outside, so if a person wants to provide real coziness in his house, then the butterflies created with his own hands or purchased at the store will be an ideal option.

In the interior

Butterflies in the interior are presented in the form of a panel, which is made of a variety of sheet material, and then fastened in an elegant application on one wall or several at once. There are many options for materials to create butterflies, as well as a lot of variations on how to hang them, it is the combination of these factors that influences how the presented decor element looks in the interior.

Butterflies can be mounted on the wall, as in an arbitrary form, and create a single three-dimensional picture.

Attention! If you make this element with your own hands, then it is recommended to pick up a lighter material, then when the wind blows, butterflies will rustle their wings, creating the effect of being ready to fly up.


What style are they suitable for?

The presented element of the decor is suitable for the design of almost any style, but they look especially bright when there are the following styles of room decoration:

  • Provence;
  • high tech;
  • modern;
  • minimalism;
  • classic.

The main thing is to make sure that the color of the butterflies is combined with the overall color scheme of the interior design, since otherwise the decoration will be ridiculous and tasteless. But it is desirable that the butterflies differ in color by at least 1-2 tones, because otherwise they will simply merge with the walls.

The following combination will be organic:

  • red and green on the wall beige;
  • Yellow, brown and black on a gray or white wall;
  • saturated blue or red on the wall pink.


Preparation for work

To create a picture of paper moths, you need to carefully consider the future composition, and then proceed to the preparation of stencils. If your own imagination does not suggest any ideas, then you can get acquainted with photos of compositions with wall butterflies on the Internet. The image of a whirlwind or just a scattering of moths in suitable places is popular.

Having decided on the future composition, you need to choose the material from which the decorative elements will be made, and create a stencil. In the absence of the necessary materials at home, you will have to visit any office supply store or an applied arts store.

Moths are created on plain paper or vinyl film using stencils. It is advisable to purchase several stencils, then when mounted on a wall, butterflies will differ not only in size, but also in appearance, which will look more original.

What material to use?

Cut moths can be from almost all materials:

  • paper;
  • cardboard;
  • vinyl film;
  • the cloth.

All presented materials are characterized by the presence of a number of advantages and disadvantages.


The presented material is suitable for people who first encountered interior decoration with moths, because of paper, the easiest way to create beautiful butterflies. Due to the low cost of the material, you can not worry about how much paper will be spent on cutting butterflies. You can stop the choice on colored paper, which can be purchased at any office supply store.

If a person prefers variety, then you can not stop only on one color and cut moths from long-standing glossy magazines. As a result, the owners of the house will become the owners of the decoration, consisting of butterflies of different color.

Attach butterflies from such material can be in any way. The big plus is that when the moths are completely glued, they will not stand out strongly above the wall surface, but if you stick only the central part of each individual butterfly, you can achieve that they will flap in the wind.



Moths made of cardboard will be several times stronger and more reliable than paper ones. When cutting out such butterflies, you will have to put in a little more effort, but there is an opportunity to shape them as you like, since the cardboard easily takes shape and keeps it forever.

You can bend the wings of insects, or make them rounded. In order to carry out these actions, it is necessary to slightly wet the cardboard and, with the use of a load, bend it in a desired manner. Fully dried, the cardboard will forever remain in the desired form.

Difficulties may arise during the fixing of cardboard decorative elements, since they will have to be fixed more reliably.

Vinyl film

Vinyl film, which is a self-adhesive material, is just perfect for creating decorative moths. The film is glossy and colorful, as a result of which moths are not only characterized by quite bright colors, but also shimmer in the light.

Cutting butterflies out of such material is easy enough, and attaching the moth to the wall is even easier, since you only need to remove the protective layer from the film and then glue it to the desired location. If the owners of the apartment want the moth to move their wings, then the protective layer should be removed only in the center, in the form of a thin vertical strip.

the cloth

Fabric is an ideal material for creating butterflies in the event that the walls are decorated with liquid plain wallpaper, drapery or any soft-touch fabric. The moths cut from this material will only complement the interior, adding comfort to the room.

To fix the fabric on the wall is recommended to use glue.

How to fix?

In order for the created moths to hold tight on the wall and not fall off the next day, it is important to carefully select the method of attachment with special care, they are distinguished somewhat.


Using glue to attach the butterflies to the wall, the owner of the apartment can be sure that the described decorative elements will hold tight. Glue can be used any as in the form of a pencil, and PVA. The main thing is to ensure that a very large amount of glue is not used, since it will protrude beyond the edges of the moths and spoil their appearance, leaving traces on the wallpaper.

Glue is considered to be a simple method of fastening the presented decorative elements to the wall.


You can use pins of different sizes and shapes to attach the butterflies created with your own hands. Moreover, in order to add a picture of butterflies fastened with pins, the pins should be selected with a beautiful head or decorated with different pearls. Pins are suitable in those cases, if the walls are trimmed with plastic panels, plain or cork wood, as well as drywall.

If you used wallpaper as a wall decoration, you can perform a slightly different action. Using pliers or pliers, you should bend the end of the pin at 1-2 centimeters at an angle of 90 degrees. After completing these steps, the curved end of the pin is turned on under the wallpaper, so the moth is attached.

Attention! To connect a pin and a butterfly, you should use the Moment glue.


A small piece of foam is taken and with the help of glue, on the one hand it connects with a butterfly, and on the other - with a wall. This mounting option is rather unreliable, since the foam is not strong enough material and if it breaks, then the remaining part will be very difficult to separate from the wall.


With the help of thin threads or fishing line, moths are hung from the cornice to the ceiling or chandelier. This mounting method makes it possible to create a three-dimensional picture.

Decoration of the walls of luminous butterflies

To create this type of decoration, a butterfly should be attached to a white wall, and a desk lamp should be located next to it.

For this decoration option, the following components are required:

  • stencils;
  • phosphor paint (preferably several colors at once);
  • pencil;
  • several sponges;
  • palette and brush;
  • glue (recommended as a spray).

After preparing all the described things, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Initially, you need to make a few stencils that are attached to the wall with glue.
  2. Sponges are cut into several parts, each of which is attached to the handle of the brush.
  3. If it was decided to use paint of several colors, then each color is separately prepared on the palette, and then alternately applied to stencils already attached to the wall.
  4. Once the paint is completely dry, you need to remove the stencils, turn off the light, and then enjoy the unusual look of glowing butterflies.

Attention! To analyze whether the paint goes to bed correctly, it recommends performing the described actions under dim light.

Master class step by step

Those people who have made the decision to make butterflies for decorating walls on their own should get acquainted with several master classes for their creation.

Colored paper moths

To create butterflies from colored paper you will need the following materials:

  • thick colored paper;
  • Printer;
  • sheets of white paper (from them templates will be created);
  • cardboard (density is chosen so that it can be bent);
  • simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Having prepared the presented components, you can proceed to the creation of:

  1. It is necessary to print several templates, and then cut them out of paper. If you use pictures of different sizes, the final result will be more interesting.
  2. The cut patterns are applied to the cardboard, outlined with a simple pencil, and then cut out. If there is such an opportunity, then the templates can be immediately printed on cardboard.
  3. Patterns are outlined on the back of colored paper, and then cut out. It is recommended to create more copies. Each of the specimens is bent in half, it is necessary to ensure the moths effect fluttering wings.
  4. A small amount of glue is applied to the fold of each butterfly, and then the blanks are attached to the wall. The central part of the moth should be gently pressed with a finger to the wall, this is required so that the moths do not lag behind.

Attention! To give the butterflies greater realism, they should be placed on the wall in such a way that their flight takes place in one direction.



A rather original solution would be to decorate a wall using moths made using origami technique.

To make such a moth, you need the following components:

  • paper (sheet from a book or newspaper);
  • paint - used to darken the edges of the wings;
  • thin wire;
  • pliers;
  • simple pencil, ruler and scissors.

Having prepared all these things, you can proceed to the creation of butterflies:

  1. A square with a size of 4 * 4 is cut from a book or newspaper sheet (a square with a size of 5 * 5 is allowed).
  2. The paper is folded in half twice.
  3. After that, the square is folded diagonally in two directions.
  4. The paper folds inward, resulting in a triangle.
  5. The two tips of the upper layer of the triangle bend to the top.
  6. The triangle is turned to the side, while the lower corner must be bent up so that it goes beyond the limits of the moth.
  7. The formed triangle is bent to the other side and glued to the base.
  8. The edges of the wings are darkened.
  9. A bird is created from the wire with bent mustache wings.
  10. The butterfly unfolds upwards with a small triangle, its wings bend and they are given a realistic shape.
  11. The wire is dipped in glue and attached in the form of antennae.

The made butterfly can be attached to the wall in any way.


From vinyl records

Making butterflies from vinyl records is not difficult if you follow the plan. It is necessary to prepare a number of components:

  • unnecessary vinyl records;
  • black and white chalk (can be replaced with colored pencils - you will need two colors of any kind);
  • moth patterns;
  • scissors.

Preparing auxiliary elements, you can directly proceed to the manufacture of butterflies:

  1. The middle of the pattern is marked on the vinyl record. White chalk contour is outlined on a vinyl record, and black - on a sticker located in the center of the plate.
  2. It is necessary to take a baking sheet, lay a foil on it, and then place a vinyl record on the foil. The oven is heated to 400 degrees, and the baking sheet is placed in its upper part. The plate must be removed immediately, as it begins to deform - after about 45 seconds.
  3. Using sharp scissors you need to cut a butterfly. If during this action, the plate starts to harden again, it must be put back into the oven to soften. Vinyl undergoes rapid cooling, so cutting a moth is necessary not only neatly but also at a fast pace. It is possible that the plate will have to be heated several times.
  4. After you get to cut the butterfly, you need to gently bend its wings.

After completing these steps, the butterfly can be fixed to the wall.

From clay

Popular is the production of moths from polymer clay.

You will need the following components:

  • a moth baking dish;
  • polymer clay (2.5 butterflies leave 60 grams of material);
  • white thread - it will hang a moth on it.

Having selected all the components, you need to follow this plan to create a butterfly:

  1. With the help of molds for baking polymer clay billet is cut, while in the center of the billet using a needle, you want to make 4 holes. The wings of the moths are bent at different angles, and they are arranged in a glass baking dish. The clay is baked in the oven for 15 minutes, the temperature is selected as indicated on the clay packaging.
  2. If, after baking the moths, you need to enlarge the holes in the center, then you can take a sharp knife and gently enlarge the holes. You can also use sandpaper and carefully polish the product around the edges. If there is a desire, then ready-made figures can be opened.
  3. The thread is cross-cut through the holes and knotted at the back. Through the knot you need to pierce the pushpin and attach the butterfly to the wall.

Such butterflies, looking quite unusual, and give the interior some elegance.


From the pages of the book

From the pages of an old book you can make not just individual moths, but a whole wreath of them.

For this you need to prepare the following elements:

  • an old book (in its absence, you can use unnecessary magazines or newspapers);
  • thin branches (suitable willow branch);
  • three wire hangers;
  • hot glue;
  • decorative elements in the form of beads, beads, seashells and pearls;
  • a few twines;
  • scissors;
  • simple pencil.

Having prepared these elements, you can proceed directly to creating a wreath:

  1. You can use the ready-made stencil and just circle it on the page of the book, or you can draw the moths yourself. In the second case, you need to fold the page of the book in half, draw a half butterfly on it, and then cut it out.
  2. It is necessary to collect the branches of willow and soak them in water, this will make the branches softer and save from breakage during bending.
  3. At the same time, it is necessary to bend a wire hanger into the ring and wind it with twigs, which should be pressed tightly one to one. The wreath is left to dry. After the wreath has dried, the twigs are fixed with hot glue.
  4. To create the antennae of the antennae and the calf, you need to take a few beads and two pieces of twine. With the help of hot glue, the beads are fastened to one another, while the glue is still hot; two pieces of twine should be inserted into the hole. After that, the little body is glued to a piece of paper. You need to check that the wings are slightly bent - this will provide the effect of fluttering.
  5. It is necessary to beautifully place the moths on the wreath and attach them with hot glue.


The wreath can be placed not only on the wall, but also on the dresser.

If the presented method of creating moths from the pages of a book seems too complicated, then you can use another method. This will require the following elements:

  • Old book;
  • adhesive;
  • scissors;
  • photo frames of different sizes;
  • paint white.

Having prepared these elements, you can start creating moths:

  1. Frames are painted in white color (if desired, the paint color can be changed).
  2. Butterflies of various sizes are cut out of the old book.
  3. Butterflies are glued together, the middle one is glued to the center of the largest moth, and the small one is glued to the center of the middle moth.
  4. Butterflies are placed in the photo frame, and then on the wall.

It’s not difficult to create an ornament for a room consisting of butterflies, the main thing is to count your strength and start making simple decorating elements, for example, butterflies from colored paper. And those people who are fond of origami, it is necessary to decorate your apartment with moths made in this technique.

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