Do-it-yourself glass and tin can decor

Everywhere in everyday life we ​​are surrounded by various things that we use for the needs that society dictates. And what if you try things that are limited to use otherwise? This will lead to something interesting and original. The article focuses on the informal use of cans. Usually there is stored jam, pickles, compote and other preservation. After we have used it, the bank goes on vacation until the next conservation or is thrown away. But there are many variations of its application.

Night lights and candlesticks from cans

Decorating glass jars with their own hands under a similar decor has a fairly simple character. Here you can use banks of any shape.

It is necessary to arrange the surface of the can beautifully and put a candle or a cordless bulb inside.

Here are some decoration examples that are most suitable for this product:

  • use of paints for painting on glass (it will look beautiful if you make several candlesticks of different sizes);
  • Decoupage format (wrap cans with napkins with an interesting pattern);
  • paste over a jar with various old photographs or newspaper clippings;
  • to wrap a can of thread or straw;
  • glue the jar with lace, cloth or bright ribbon;
  • the use of aerosols as paints (before painting, a silhouette made of paper should be stuck onto the jar to impart a pattern to the future nightlight);
  • the design of the stained glass (involves the use of contours and stained paints);

There is a difficult but beautiful design option banks. Brushes and special paints that have the function of accumulating light will be required. On the inner side of the glass jar we put stains of paint of different shapes and colors. Give time to the bank to paint dried.

After bringing the product to the lamp for a few minutes. The paint is saturated with light, and you get the interesting effect of a night light with bright and rich tones.

Bank for kitchen needs

After primary use, do not throw out small jars, because in the kitchen they will be simply indispensable. You can store cereals in them, as is usually done and use them as containers for cutlery. You can use these vessels for napkins.

Decorating cans for these needs is not too different from the previous one. Therefore, use the ideas that we discussed above. There will no longer need candles or light bulbs. If you use cans for storing croup, it is better to leave a small “window” through which you can quickly determine which croup is in the bank.

If you use a vessel for storing spices, then after using spices in sachets, you can cut out the name of the spice and stick it to the jar. This will simplify the process of determining the spices, and will give aesthetics and rigor.

Glass jar-photoframe

Such experiments are not suitable for all styles, but can safely decorate the room. To make a photo frame jar with your own hands, stick the photo inside upside down. Press firmly against the wall of the jar, and fix with small pieces of scotch. You can shove a few photos by placing it in the center of the room to have an overview on all the photos.

Empty glass can glue something discreet, so as not to interrupt the view of the photo. You can paint the can with ordinary paints or use any of the above design options, leaving room for photos. This can make an interesting collage.

Tin can vase

This version of the product has several advantages over conventional vases. Firstly, unlike conventional vases, it does not beat. Secondly, its cost is less. Thirdly, it is not inferior in beauty. However, there is one major drawback - in such vases one should be careful in watering the flowers, because there is no place to pour out excess water due to the lack of holes at the bottom.

To make such a vase, you need to tear off the top of a tin can, which has sharp edges after opening. Using a heavy object, bend the remaining sharp edges of the can or cut it with a sharp knife. After that there is a creative process. You can color the jar or wrap sacking. Now you can use the product as a vase.

Jars for small things

In the room, on the balcony or the corridor there will be a lot of small things that are constantly lost somewhere because of the reluctance to buy special storage boxes. Why not make out small coffee jars?

Tin cans for coffee

In order not to scatter the banks in the rooms, we suggest, prior to the start of decoration, to fasten them. Put four small jars in a square, tape each one, then all together. You will receive a small portable box to store small items.

After the technical actions, glue the jar with a beautiful cloth, leaving open its upper part, which is put on the lid. After distributing small items on the banks, close the lids and paste on each label that will indicate what is in the bank.


Such a decision will amaze anyone who decided to come to the party. But you need to try to banks come out really colorful. If you have a favorite cocktail, you can prepare the jars by filling in the colors of the cocktail itself.

Stencils with the names of drinks are welcome. An unusual form of serving can even accompany the tea ceremony. Although banks are not used for these purposes, they, like glasses or cups, are convenient for these purposes.

If you want to work, then, knowing the guest list, you can make a stencil of the names of each guest, passing it to the bank.

Dressing cans with salt

If you do not care about the practical application, but the desire to do something beautiful remains, decorating the cans with salt for you. Many of you have seen how Abkhaz or Georgian are sold in spices in vessels, where the colors change from one to another.

We will also do the salt in jars. This begs the question: how is it that salt is all white? Now you can find salt in a variety of colors. And it can be used - there are used food dyes.

Buy several varieties of salt (by color) and put them in layers in a jar.

Layers do about two centimeters. Repeat the colors after the whole "palette" is over. Put a piece of burlap on top, and tie a thread, tying a bow.

You can put such a decoration anywhere. Make about 5-6 such jars of different sizes, and place as a nested doll.
Use all the creative on similar products. Do not worry that may not work. This hobby has only amateur roots, so any crafts will be perceived by others with a bang.

Experiment to unleash creativity. Only in this case, decorating cans from evening classes can turn into a small business that will please others. Your home will turn into a cozier room filled with handicrafts that give a wonderful atmosphere of comfort. This hobby is very easy to teach children.

It is absolutely not expensive, but also really fascinating, because the whole creative will be guided into the child to make something incredibly beautiful and stylish from a household thing that she sees every day. Perception will reveal the essence of this activity, which will surely help you.

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