Interior living room, kitchen and dining room from Design3 studio

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Multifunctional interiors have always been very popular, it became especially important to combine living room and kitchen areas, in the process of combining which you get a consolidated space that allows you to comfortably meet guests, spend time with your family and at the same time eat delicious food together in a spacious room.

Here's a look at interior living room, kitchen and dining room in the joint room from design studio Design3. The total project area is 27 square meters, the main customer request is simplicity and conciseness.

The furniture was made according to individual sketches, on order, with the exception of only chairs. So that the interior did not look too empty and cold, not bright accents were added - lampshades in the form of cones, glass supports at the table and bar counter and designer chairs.

Glass transparent unusual vases are also added to counterbalance the strict forms of furniture.

AT the interior of the living room, kitchen and dining room used a single style in textiles, it is translucent, soft light shades, it allows you to fill the room with air, and Roman curtains in the kitchen in the closed form also perform the role of the picture, through the fabric appear silhouettes of trees.

Overall kitchen, living room and dining room layout designed in such a way that on the one hand to protect areas from each other, and on the other, if necessary, to ensure maximum access.

For zoning used two sliding doors on both sides of the table, they allow you to simultaneously move around the premises in two directions.

The kitchen area is furnished with cabinets made of laminated chipboard, the facades are covered with veneer MDF, the color of oak.

For the floor covering of the kitchen, light-colored porcelain tile was used, the size of the tiles was 60x60 cm.

For countertops used artificial stone. The wash is made of the same material.

The kitchen is equipped with a small bar for a quick breakfast or coffee.

The color scheme from the kitchen smoothly passes into the dining area, thanks to the combined-divided kitchen, living room and dining room layoutThe designers managed to achieve the possibility of being more independent in choosing accents for the two main zones; thus, with the doors closed, the rooms become different in style.

Technology throughout the space interior living room kitchen and dining room, were used the same, so for example the bar table in the kitchen is made in the same vein as the large dining table in the dining room.

In the whole space, natural accent and natural style slips, and “rustic” accents are added. The dining table is very massive, complemented by a bulky three-section coffer box. Four adults can comfortably sit on this bench, and a chest can also be used for storage.

Amazing that kitchen, living room and dining room layoutas if it was not burdened with special storage systems, except for cabinets in the kitchen, but this is not so, the large closet is “hidden” in the end of the room, and the white-plate trim creates the necessary camouflage.

Source: Country Response Program
Project: "Interior with cones"

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