Small two-level apartment of 35 square meters. m

In the one-bedroom two-level apartment with a total area of ​​35 square meters. The designers managed to place everything that provides the modern level of comfort. There is a kitchen, a living room, a study, a bedroom and a dressing room, two bathrooms. The interior style is minimalism, the color scheme is classic for this style: white plus black. The natural wood of a light shade softens severity of lines and gives a cosiness.


When redevelopment, the main communications were left in their places, so they did not move the kitchen and bathroom areas. The wall separating the kitchen and living room, dismantled - it turned out the studio space of the first level. The second level - the private part of the apartment, here is the bedroom, master bathroom and dressing room.

First level

The ground floor of a small duplex apartment has an area of ​​only 18.39 square meters. m. To make the room seem more spacious, the designers got rid of doorways, doors, partitions. Bearing walls equipped with linear lighting, so that they seem to be lighter and visually "move apart."

The color of the furniture and almost all the equipment, including the sink mixer, matches the color of the walls - it is pure white, making the space brighter and more spacious. A light parquet board is used as a floor covering, which passes to the wall behind the sink in the kitchen area: a part of the wall is a blind one, and a part is a sliding door to the bathroom.

The wall near the sofa has an interesting volume surface, the soft-shaped sofa itself and the pouf next to it level the rigidity of straight furniture lines. A wooden structure adjoins the sofa: a box in which a small room is built in, above it is a bookcase, and to the left is a staircase leading to the second level. Large folds of heavy window curtains add softness and comfort.

The minimalism style prevails in the interior of a one-room two-level apartment, there is nothing superfluous here, either in the decor or in the decor. Every detail is thought out, has a clear functionality, and at the same time works on the general idea of ​​harmonizing space. Thus, the entrance to the office can be closed with a sliding door with a mirror surface - the living room space immediately becomes more comfortable and seems more due to the play of reflections.

Second level

If the first floor of the apartment is set aside for communication with friends, the second is the personal territory of the owner. The main room is a bedroom, very original, with its own character. Its exclusivity is largely due to the diminutiveness of the allotted area.

And the walls, and the ceiling, and the podium on which the mattress is located - a single design of wood. There are no bedside tables - books and magazines are laid out right on the podium near the mattress. Light is provided by two small sconces fixed on opposite walls. Narrow windows under the ceiling provide daylight.

On the second floor of a small duplex apartment there is a bathroom with shower, adjacent to the bedroom. It is separated from the bedroom by glass doors - thus the room seems spacious, free, and at the same time the necessary insulation is provided.

The bathroom is very ergonomic, overhead plumbing fixtures, lamps and built-in mirrors are used to save space and facilitate cleaning. The decorative effect in the room provides a pattern in the form of small rhombuses on the gray walls - they create the visual effect of increasing the volume.

A small corridor completely finished in wood unites a private zone with a staircase between the floors. The interior of the apartment is built on a harmonious combination of form and volume, creating an interesting architectural image in space.

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