Children's room design for a girl - 30 photos of interior design ideas

If in the house or apartment area allows you to equip a separate children's room, many seek to perform it with maximum comfort and comfort for their children. So you can teach your child to discipline, to increase the comfort of his pastime. Time does not stand still, the child grows, as a result - the design of the room changes. Particularly interesting is the design of the children's room for a girl, which undergoes numerous changes depending on the age of the child.

The greatest emphasis in creating the layout should be done on its harmony. This indicator directly affects the convenience of the room for the child. It is recommended to divide the room into several zones: for recreation, games, work (after school lessons, reading books, hobbies). For the purpose of zoning a room, you can use furniture (for example, cabinets) or install special partitions. If the room is small, you can use visual effects to zoning it using different colors of coloring or installing furniture in the appropriate order. Finishing must necessarily include the character of the girl, her activity, favorite activities. Only very easy-care materials are suitable for very young children.

Tips to help meet the wishes of young princesses

On the Internet you can find a lot of photos of various children's design for girls.

Before you choose your favorite option and begin to design, you should learn about some of the recommendations:

  • There is a stereotype: the room for the girl must be framed in pink. About him should forget. A child may like completely different shades or colors. You can give preference to light yellow, sky blue, lilac, milky shades. They will look very attractive.
  • Allow the child to make a decision when arranging furniture. The interior is created precisely for the preferences of the girl. Let the child choose the location of the bed, part of the room for games and work.
  • The interior should be touching, elegant, corresponding to a completely different mindset of girls in comparison with boys. They will like beautiful compositions, including flowers, hearts, bows, stars, and other decorative elements.
  • Much attention should be paid to lighting. The best option for the location of the nursery is a room with several windows. If there are few windows, you should take care of good artificial light.

Baby room design 2-3 years

Most parents prepare the nursery before birth. Such rooms often have a unique design. At the age of 3 years, kids learn the world most actively, everything seems new to them, every detail attracts attention.

Parents should take into account many factors and nuances when creating a cozy corner for their daughter:

  • All things girls should be easily accessible.
  • Furniture should be free of sharp corners, it must be safe for the child.
  • You should not choose catchy colors, their shades.
  • All materials used for decoration should be environmentally friendly and natural, not capable of harming the health of the child.
  • Exclude ladders, other hazardous items.

You can use the images of the characters from the girls' favorite cartoons, decorate their walls with posters.

Princess room design 5-7 years

Girls at this age are still big fidgets, who seek to learn more information about the world around us, to try everything on their own experience. They still need a huge amount of toys.

Various pets, dolls now require new accessories, such as transport, apartments, and more. To store toys, which now do not have enough space on the shelves or in plastic boxes, will have to purchase shelving or a separate locker. Children at this age are already preparing for school, this implies a whole bunch of different things: books, stationery, various materials for handicraft.

The design of the children's room for a girl of this age should contribute to the desire to explore the world, show love for creativity, learn something new. Some elements that were present in the design of the room for babies under 3 years old should be left. For example, do not get rid of hearts, bows, other decorative items. For color design it is better to choose lilac, sandy, gently pink shade. It is necessary to revive the boring interior with several bright elements, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Baby room design 8-9 years

This age is the same as in primary school. Much of the design of the room, designed for girls aged 5-7 years, can be left unchanged. If there was no place for working on the homework of the young schoolgirl, it should be done as quickly as possible.

At this age, children are recorded by their parents in various sports sections, such as swimming. For a sporty child, the interior can be decorated in a marine-marine style. Important role in the design of the room will play wallpaper. Most of the time, except for sleep, the baby will spend on lessons in her room, the color scheme is of great importance.

The blue color calms the temper temperament, has a beneficial effect on the girl's ability to work, such as drawing. If it was decided to use the marine theme, you can add an aquarium with fish or the bottom of an improvised reservoir, you will be able to emphasize the style.

Simplicity and convenience - the necessary design elements of the nursery. The child needs space and a flight of fancy. An excessive amount of accessories, original things will limit the imagination of the baby.

Room baby age 10-12 years

This age is marked for the girl by several events of her life: she graduated from junior classes at school, celebrated her first anniversary, began to perceive the world around a little differently. Now Barbie is paid less attention, most of all, adults are beginning to attract the girl with their habits and behavior patterns. She seeks to adopt them.

A child must develop creatively at that age. In the room you need to select a corner of creativity. The girl will need a watch set in front of her.

Toys will be less, for them you can allocate space in a separate closet. Now a computer desk with a PC should fit into the interior of the children's room for the girl. To replace a small and cozy bed you need to purchase a more spacious sofa or bed in a classic style. She will serve the girl when she reaches adolescence.

Furniture should have such qualities as practicality, spaciousness and versatility. We must not forget about the attractiveness of the furniture. For decorative design of the room you can use the following elements:

  • Hand-made collages;
  • Various posters with characters from favorite cartoons and girl films;
  • Pictures painted by the smallest artist;
  • Pillows with a bright design.

Great attention at registration should take into account the nature of the child:

IntellectualFor those who love to read, learn about the world while reading literature. The baby will love the wide armchair with a beautiful lamp installed in her apartment.
Little PrincessFor glamorous ladies. They will like vintage legs of furniture, sets of light colors, various patterns and other elements.
ActivistFor the restless and sporty daughter. There is no place for touching, sweet things. Almost all the elements should be reminded of the sport.

Children's teenager (13-15 years old)

This age period is the most difficult. Now girls are very demanding and capricious, when creating a children's design, parents will have to take into account all the wishes of their children. A teenage girl will take an active part in the discussion of the interior of her choir, with her opinion will have to be considered. Previously used glamorous pink color is no longer suitable for room design.

The teenager will prefer coral, beige, mint or just red colors in 2017 and 2018. Such color solutions can emphasize the zonality of the room. The first zone should accommodate a comfortable desk with a laptop, necessary for doing homework, creative objects, and a chair. The second zone should be provided for recreation and leisure. Girls love to invite friends to visit them, share secrets with them, play. The zone will serve as a reception area.

For limited-sized rooms, it is advisable to use a folding sofa instead of a bed, replace chairs with small pear chairs or use flat pillows. Among the mandatory elements of the design of a child for a teenage girl are the following:

  • Bookshelves or shelves for CDs;
  • Dressing table;
  • Wardrobe for girls wardrobe with good capacity.

Through time, you can bring a novelty to the interior of the nursery, thanks to modular furniture. The effect is achieved by rearranging it in places.

Girls at this age tend to be true masters of their space. On the door to their room should install a lock. So the child begins to perceive himself as more adult, meaningful, develops his individuality.

You can not neglect the individual qualities of a teenager, his hobbies and temperament in the design of the nursery. A girl with a calm character will appreciate the discreet interior, where there is a small closet for favorite books, a table for doing handicrafts. The baby, who is interested in everything new, will be delighted with the room with 3d wallpaper, a ceiling made in several tiers (for example, a suspended ceiling), and various fashion accessories. A room with collected bright colors, various prints and draperies will attract the attention of fashionistas.

Disposition of space when creating a nursery

In a large apartment, making a corner for a child is easy. With the right approach, this can be done in a small apartment. If the room is not allocated with large dimensions, you need to approach the design of the children's room for the baby rationally. It should be preferred oversized, roomy furniture. The free space should be divided so that there is a place for games and leisure.

Proper selection of furniture and other elements will increase the size of the room visually. A very effective reception is the installation of a wardrobe, one door of which is a huge mirror. If the area of ​​the nursery is from 20 to 30 square meters, there is enough space for each zone to have enough space. Zones in style and color design are determined by the age of the girl. The bed can be put in a corner, to fence off a screen, having received a sleeping zone. In general, the design of the children's room depends on the preferences of the parents and the baby himself. The main thing is to get the optimum level of lighting.

Basic design rules and conclusions

To decorate the interior of the children's room for a girl, you can choose any of the many style and color solutions. The choice depends on the tastes of the parents and the preferences of the child. Its most important characteristics are convenience, harmony, safety. To this end, it is necessary to select only high-quality materials for decoration, safe and reliable furniture. Then the space will be equipped as comfortably as possible and cause only positive impressions and emotions of the child.

Let's get acquainted with the main rules that are useful when creating a children's room:

  1. Lighting - the most important element of the nursery. During the day, it may be sufficient due to several large windows that let in sunlight. At night, you need high-quality artificial lighting. For each area of ​​the room we recommend installing a separate lamp.
  2. The room for the girl serves as almost a full-fledged home, there must be everything you need. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the zoning of the room - conditionally divided by furniture or partitions space. It is necessary to allocate at least 3 main spaces, the first of which is intended for work, the second - the area for sleeping, the third - for leisure and games. If the girl is already using makeup, you will need a dressing table. Teenage girls require a wardrobe in the room.
  3. Bed, installed in the nursery, should be comfortable and comfortable. Children's bones grow and develop extremely quickly, orthopedic mattress is recommended for bed.
  4. Children's for girls should not be overwhelmed with various equipment. A good alternative is a properly equipped area for games.
  5. When choosing furniture, pay attention to roomy compact models. Some pieces of furniture are multifunctional. A sofa or bed can have a niche for storing various items. To take care of the health of the child, acquire high-quality furniture that does not contain dangerous elements: sharp corners, rough surfaces. Materials for its production - only environmentally friendly and safe.
  6. Exclude the floor carpet from the design of the children's room, it accumulates a lot of dust.
  7. When planning the room should be guided by the tastes and preferences of the baby, since it is she who will live in this room. For a comfortable stay in the nursery, its interior is obliged to emphasize the individuality of the child. A very important detail is the decor. On the walls, you can stick special wallpaper with various decorative elements: stars, hearts, bows. Many of them are able to glow in the dark. It looks spectacular and will interest the child.
  8. You should rely on your own and children's imagination when creating a style for the design of a nursery. If the decorative elements were created jointly or only by the baby herself, she will be able to feel her own importance, because she has made her own contribution in the design of the room.
  9. It is recommended to ventilate the room often, you will need a humidifier. Parents should often do wet cleaning. The accumulated dust is harmful to the health of the baby.

Having your own space emphasizes the baby's individuality. Parents should learn to respect it: before entering the room, knocking on the door. She will feel the mistress of her territory, will maintain cleanliness and order.


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