A small bathroom with a shower area of ​​3 square meters. m

To equip the shower area in a small bathroom, I had to show remarkable wit, and to turn on the imagination at full capacity.

And the point is not only to fit all the necessary plumbing equipment on a tiny square, and even a washing machine - it was assumed that there should be stored supplies of detergents and other household items, since there is no other place for them in a small apartment.


One of the walls in the bathroom is 3 square meters. meters dismantled, and built on this site a new one. There are two reasons for this - the wall was not straight, which often happens in old “Khrushchev” houses, and besides, the owners dreamed of a bathroom with a window. It was their desire that came to life “by two hundred percent” - now in the bathroom there is not one, but two windows, due to which the entrance area received natural light.

Completely changed the interior of the bathroom 3 square. m. - the door was moved to the center of the wall, and on both sides of it were placed small, but quite roomy storage systems.

Such an organization of the space made it possible to install a washing machine, which fit into the left wall of the door without hassle. True, I had to choose the narrowest model available on the market.


They decided to refuse the standard bath, the shower corner in the small bathroom looks more advantageous, and also saves space.

Standard solutions in such conditions are not the case, and the designers violated two basic “commandments”: they refused white color as recommended for small rooms, and tile as the most suitable material for finishing wet rooms.

The refusal of the tile made it possible to save several tens of square centimeters, since it fits on the glue and has a considerable thickness, and in the bathroom it is 3 square meters. meter every inch counts.

Moisture resistant paint replaced it with success, and allowed to create an unusual, memorable interior. It has a deep dark color shade of the night sky, and tells the depth of space.

It turned out a small room, illuminated from the window-transom with natural light, besides the combination of blue with white furniture and sanitary ware is a classic and never get bored.

The interior of the bathroom is 3 square meters. But without ceramics, it wasn’t enough, but it is not enough here: a gray tile was chosen for the floor, a mosaic was laid on the floor in the shower. The walls in the wet zone were laid out with two types of tiles: one became pure white and the other used tiles with a complex pattern printed on it.


It turned out that the dark blue matte surfaces give depth and some mystery to the room, while pure white gave the impression of a “sealed” capsule.

The gray floor serves as a calm background for a blue-white contrast, and the prints on one of the walls inside the shower enclosure in a small bathroom do not seem coarse due to the use of a gray-brown color scheme.

Since there is enough daylight through a large window under the ceiling, during the daytime there is practically no need for additional lighting. In the evening, the bathroom is illuminated by a ceiling lamp and a sconce near the mirror.


Since the area of ​​the bathroom is 3 square meters. meters, and store it need a significant number of different jars and boxes, for the device storage used every available corner.

Just as household chemicals are attached to the kitchen under the sink, using rails, an additional shelf was made here in the sanitary cabinet.

In the nightstand fit tubes with paste and creams, as well as toothbrushes and other small things. Towels are provided with a crossbar to the right of the washing machine.

Interior bathroom 3 square. It looks harmonious and balanced, there is no feeling of “filled up space, although almost the entire surface of the walls has been used.

So, over the washing machine hung a closet for storing stock household chemicals. It was bought at IKEA, and tailored to specific dimensions: the depth was reduced by 17 cm.

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