Spacious loft-style kitchens

Are you an extraordinary person and ready to experiment? Then design loft style kitchens - this is for you. In the interior of such a kitchen, you can use a lot of non-standard design options, introduce innovative solutions and finishes, safely expand the area and change the whole interior of the house as a whole.

What is the attractiveness of the interior loft style kitchens? Creating an unconventional layout, modern ergonomic solutions in the design of the space, the possibility of harmonious use of extraordinary colors, bold experiments in the use of finishing materials.

The loft style itself provides for a single space and a wide format of the room, therefore creating kitchen loft will have to use the interior of the entire apartment or, at a minimum, an adjacent room.

Loft-style kitchen it is a joint space divided by a visual restraint, rack, rack, or any other object that involves zoning. If the first stage - cleaning the wall, did not become an obstacle for you and did not force you to change your mind, now is the time to “collect stones”.

For loft style kitchens the presence of a textured wall is very important, neither wallpaper nor plaster in this case is suitable. Brick in the interior of the kitchen, just needed to create an authentic atmosphere. Beautiful “wallpaper in flower” for this brutal design does not fit categorically - feel free to get rid of them.

On your future kitchen loft There is no old brickwork - it does not matter, the concrete walls are of natural color, they will perfectly perform the work of the main background. For those who are looking for new solutions, we can recommend painting concrete or brick walls in bright, positive colors.

The flooring has three common solutions, it is either wooden flooring, specially treated semi-antique boards, wide floor tiles “asphalt-like”, or polished concrete without additional color.

Kitchen loft - this is the realm of graphic objects, straight, hard lines, a large number of iron surfaces. Loft combines the minimum use of furniture, with the maximum use of technical innovations of the market. No extra details, nuances and inconsistencies, everything is straightforward, clear, urban.

Taking into account the entire volume of possible alterations, the need to maintain the interior in expensive details, it is important to correctly calculate the necessary investments and take all measures to ensure that the style is not damaged due to improper decor or inappropriate technology.

Photo loft kitchens with islets.

Photo loft kitchens with bar counters.

Photo loft kitchen P-layout.

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