Apartment design 34 sq.m.

Studio apartments, in the usual version - these are quite small rooms, it is quite realistic to make such a space comfortable and comfortable, but if you add fantasy and skill to real masters, you will also get a very solid interior, as in the presented selection of photos design apartment 34 sq.m.

No matter how popular in our time, open space, studio apartment owners most often seek to highlight areas with niches or hide behind a partition. For apartments 34 sq.m. It was the creation of partitions that became the starting point of the concept.

The partition separating the kitchen and hallway performs many storage functions for both zones.

Another partition appeared at the request of the designer between the living room and bedroom. Apartment design 34 sq.m. very much benefited from such a decision.

On the one hand, in the living room, a multifunctional panel serves as a multimedia center. Plasma panel and speaker system are built into it, all wires are hidden inside the box. On the other hand, the counter provided the presence of a working place and visually obstructed a large wardrobe, which otherwise would have been clearly visible from the living room.

The kitchen includes a guest room area, and it took more than one day of calculations and measurements to create it. The authors of the project, managed to use all the space with maximum benefit, to create space in the apartment is 34 sq.m. There was a place for a large two-compartment refrigerator; the exhaust combined the function of the lamp.

All kitchen furniture designers installed on the podium, which not only provides zoning, but also performs the function of storage. Textured wall "under the brick", slightly smoothes black and white furniture alliance.

To highlight the sleep area, a special system of guides was created. They help to create separate spaces with one hand movement, which makes apartment design 34 sq.m., absolutely universal and suitable for different occasions.

Special lamps were designed for lighting the bedroom, they are made of plywood, the pattern is applied by laser engraving. To complement the interior, two prints were placed above the bed, the same pattern, a similar technique allows you to fill a small interior with one idea and thereby separate it from the common space.

Bathroom, very warm room, created in the key of wood trim. In project implementation apartments 34 sq.m. the most difficult was to create a light box, it is made of monolithic polycarbonate and passes as a connecting bridge between the walls. The ceiling and furniture are made of dark wood.

The standard technique, mirrors, is applied quite naturally in the interior; a visual increase in space is achieved.

Success project designed for apartments 34 sq.m.undoubtedly brought an interesting lighting concept. There is a lot of light in the interior, it is different for every corner of the room. Various options are involved in both built-in external lighting, which allows you to perceive the room as more than it is.

Watch the video: 1 Bedroom apartment 34 Sqm. from LIAB FLEXHOMES (February 2020).

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