Violet ceiling: design, shades, types (stretch, plasterboard, etc.), combination with walls

A purple ceiling will surely add sophistication and exclusivity to the entire room. Such a deep and expressive decor blends harmoniously into the interior and forms a creative environment.

Features purple color in the interior

Nuances that should be considered in decorating an apartment or house:

  • For small rooms, you should not prefer too dark and cold shades, as they visually narrow the space and can quickly tire and cause irritation.
  • Violet combines perfectly and creates accent combinations with blue, blue or pink, neutral duets can turn out to be white or gray, and red, yellow or orange will work for original contrasting combinations.
  • It is better to choose such decor using companion colors that will dilute purple harmoniously and correctly, so that such a palette does not seem too saturated.

Types of ceilings

There are several types of ceiling models.

Stretch ceiling

With the help of stretch fabrics, you can quickly and efficiently create a perfectly smooth and even ceiling surface, and thus achieve the desired results in decorating. These models always look very stylish and harmoniously fit into the interior.

The photo shows a glossy stretch ceiling of purple color in the interior of the kitchen-living room.

Suspended ceiling

Quite a common finish. Suspended structures are distinguished by convenient installation, low cost and the ability to create almost any form that can transform space.


Such an economical, simple and affordable design option allows you to achieve the desired decorative effect. With the help of various matte, glossy or semi-gloss paints you can decorate any room.

In the photo, the ceiling painted in purple in the room for the girl.

Varieties of texture

There are three types of surface.


Stretch models of gloss always attract the eyes and attract attention. Thanks to this surface it turns out, not only to visually enlarge the space, but also to give the room an aristocratic and noble look.

In the photo is a bedroom with a glossy ceiling surface of purple hue.


Ideally smooth matte surface of the stretch ceiling, has a very natural and natural appearance. These products do not create glare, do not reflect light and therefore are perfect for the design of any room.


Stretch satin canvases have a special texture that shimmers beautifully and plays with a variety of colors. This surface has a soft, not pronounced reflective effect, and allows you to create an aesthetic and sophisticated design.

On the photo is a bedroom with a purple stretch canvas made of satin.

Shades of purple

Basic shades of purple:

  • Dark violet.
  • Light colors (lilac, violet, lavender).
  • Eggplant.
  • Lilac

What walls fit the purple ceiling?

Proper combination of colors of the walls and ceiling will help to create an elegant, elegant and very stylish interior.

Wall colorDescriptionA photo

White literally transforms purple, deprives it of a certain gloom and thus creates a perfect combination. This design looks calm and most stylish.

Gray.This combination is very showy, beautiful and sensual. It perfectly maintains the tonality of the room and brings real harmony to it.


The combination of beige wall covering or wallpaper with a purple ceiling, forms an excellent natural design and brings to the atmosphere of originality and a certain mystery.


The combination of these related colors will undoubtedly give the atmosphere of warm, positive and tender emotions.

Ceiling Design Ideas

Thanks to an interesting design, you can transform any interior.


Ceiling structures consisting of two levels or multilevel models allow changing the perception of space, visually dividing a room into zones or creating unusual experiments with lighting.

The photo is a two-level ceiling structure of white-purple color in the living room.

With photo printing

Stretch purple products with photo printing, perfectly emphasize the character of the interior and give it a stylish, special and extraordinary look.

Drawings and patterns

A variety of patterns in the form of flowers, plants or intertwining ornaments, bring liveliness and mood to the room and perfectly support its style. Using this design technique, you can not only radically transform the space and add notes of novelty to it, but also create a bright accent on the ceiling space and visually change its geometry.

The photo shows a purple ceiling, decorated with silver patterns in the interior of the bedroom.


Modern types of contour lighting or illumination around the perimeter, allow you to further highlight the ceiling, give it a unique or completely change its appearance.


Stretch double products with carved patterns will add an additional volume and airiness to the ceiling plane.

The photo shows a carved stretch ceiling of purple color in the office.


With this combination, you can get a contrasting and bright or deep and rich design, which will add emotion to the interior.

Photo ceilings in the interior rooms

Violet ceilings in the design of various rooms.

Living room

Elegant and sophisticated light shades of purple will make the living room especially refined, and deep, bright and rich colors will add to the atmosphere of real luxury.

The photo shows a glossy purple ceiling in the living room.


A kitchen with a ceiling decorated in light or dark purple colors gains tenderness, freshness and a touch of piquancy.


Such a bold decor, not only gives freedom for all sorts of experiments and makes the design of the bedroom really original, but also brings special sensuality to the atmosphere.

In the photo is a bedroom with a glossy ceiling in purple tones.


Ceiling decoration in discreet colors will be particularly appropriate in the nursery for girls. It will add to the atmosphere of reverie, wonder and magic.

The photo is a glossy ceiling product of a light purple color in a nursery for a girl.


Stretching or hanging structures of purple color will form a calming atmosphere in the bathroom and contribute to relaxation.

Corridor and hallway

Moderately bright shades will give a hallway or corridor a more self-sufficient and presentable look, and it is advantageous to emphasize the remaining elements of the decor.

Photo gallery

The purple ceiling, depending on the shade, can form a modern, delicate, romantic or luxurious setting in the room. Such endless possibilities of decor allow you to create incredible effects in space.

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