Classic white bedroom design

The classic style of the interior is associated with impeccable taste, luxury, it always follows the traditions and rules. The bedroom in the house is the most intimate place where you want comfort, peace, serenity. That is why the option in the classic white color will never lose its relevance. Classic is always functional, looks impeccable, it is timeless and fashion.

Optical illusion

White color is an ideal neutral base, has a powerful effect on perception. This is the color of beginnings, innocence, spirituality, enlightenment. Awakening in the morning in a shining snow-white bedroom, sunlit from the window, gives a feeling of freshness, positive, bright energy, and at dusk the monochrome of white easily responds to any shade of artificial lighting, helping to create the right mood in the evening. The white color in the classic bedroom has another wonderful ability — it seems to be pushing the space apart. Even the tiniest bedroom of whites seems to increase in size. The effect can still be enhanced by point sources of illumination.

Classic bedroom rules

The classic style of the bedroom interior is a set of decorative elements and furniture that make up the finished composition, verified by time and impeccable style. The main place in the classic bedroom always takes a bed. The space around it should be planned in strict symmetry, avoiding the chaotic filling of the room. This important rule will help make the bedroom a comfortable place to relax, where nothing annoys the eye. Therefore, it is very important to observe the middle ground if you wish to decorate the room and accommodate more necessary furniture. It is necessary to highlight a few key points that should be focused on the proper selection of bedroom design elements with white furniture and their number in order to avoid cluttering the room:

  • The bed is the compositional center of a classic bedroom interior;
  • Lighting in the classic bedroom is one of the main elements of the decor;
  • The choice of materials for the decoration of white interior;
  • The choice of fabric for curtains of a classic bedroom;
  • Arrangement of furniture and decor items.

A classic bedroom solution will help you combine functionality with a sense of style.

The bed in the spotlight

In the classic interior of the bedroom with white furniture, the bed should be in the middle of the room, attracting attention with its refined decoration. The bed is decorated with curly carving, stucco, gilt, textiles are also chosen the most expensive and high-quality. For a classic bedroom, the bed assumes the presence of a refined headboard. It should be noted that this detail in itself can be a sufficient adornment of the wall, because the classic is first of all the impeccability of style. Therefore, when decorating a bed, one should be guided by a sense of proportion - if the bed itself is intricately decorated, textiles must be concise, monotonous, in order to balance this. A simple form of the bed can easily be turned into a royal bed, decorating it with an exclusive brocade bedcover with hand embroidery.

Putting a bed in a classic bedroom relies symmetrically on the walls. Consider the position and size of the windows. Usually it is located at some distance from the window wall, especially if there is an exit to the balcony, or a large, panoramic window. If there are two small symmetrical windows, it will be logical to place a bed with a headboard between them.

A large solemnity and elegance will help to give the canopy hang over the bed to the classic atmosphere. This is a very functional element of the classic decor. It seems to isolate the most intimate zone of the bedroom, under the lowed canopy there is maximum comfort, comfort and bliss. The classic version of a four-poster bed is a frame combined with a frame, on which curtains are attached.

Now there are many more convenient and simple designs. Choose a canopy from the variety of design ideas should be based on the size of the room, as well as the shape of the bed, for example, a round four-poster bed, reinforced inside the ceiling illuminated round niche, looks very luxurious. For a small bedroom, decorating a bed with a canopy will not work; this detail will overly cover the space. Following the idea of ​​a white classic interior, you should choose the fabric for the canopy. Its main properties are translucency, snow-white weightlessness, tenderness, naturalness. The fabric should also be in harmony with the textiles on the bed.


The lighting inside the bedroom should correspond exactly to its intended purpose - in the evening it is a soft, soothing light, and in the morning it is active, invigorating. For a classic white bedroom, all the lamps are objects of a classic decor, they additionally emphasize the style, emphasize it. The stucco ceiling is crowned with a precious chandelier with crystal pendants, paired symmetrical wall sconces near the dressing table repeat its design, on the bedside tables there are lamps with classic lampshades, and in the corner is an exclusive floor lamp-statuette.

But, for a modern classic interior, it is permissible to use a variety of spotlights. With their help, you can achieve additional visual increase in space in a small bedroom. You can arrange them around the mount for a canopy, a mirror or a cornice for curtains, but their design should match the style of other lamps, or such lighting should be made hidden.

So different white

In order for the bedroom not to look too sterile, you should carefully consider the decor materials. This can be achieved if you combine excellent in texture, touch and look materials. It should be remembered that in the classic interior preference is given to natural materials and expensive, high-quality finish.
The ceiling, according to classical canons, should be decorated with stucco made of plaster, gilded, it can also be painted in the center, made in the style of the Renaissance. Such a painting on the wall above the head of the bed looks very romantic.

For the classic style is characterized by zoning of individual sections of the walls. To do this, use moldings, inside they paste in expensive wallpaper, fabrics with a classic pattern, paintings, mirrors. The interior of the white bedroom takes the form of a palace bedchamber. Wallpaper is better to choose exclusive, with a classic pattern - strip, monogram, floral ornament. Placing them on the walls, it is important to observe the principle of symmetry. This technique allows you to harmoniously combine different in texture materials. Such zones look very impressive against the background of white glossy walls.

For a classic bedroom floor it is better to choose parquet from natural wood or laminate, the shades of which should be as light as possible. Against the background of a matte floor in the color of whitened oak, the gloss of the walls will play and, conversely, the light parquet will be lacquered with a light finish to highlight the walls decorated with luxury wallpapers.
One of the most important games in the classic white bedroom is dedicated to textiles. Undoubtedly, it is much more here than in other rooms. With it, you can create any mood. Choose the best fabric hypoallergenic, natural. From the quality of the fabric, especially for the bed, will depend on the quality of sleep. By the way, the classic textile style silk textiles impart a certain degree of coldness to the interior. To avoid this, you can combine it with other natural fabrics - wool or cotton woven bedspread.


The curtains in the classic bedroom are meant to be multi-layered, with hooks, decorative tassels, elegant folds. All these decorative delights, however, perform the necessary functions. A thin snow-white veil allows the morning light to wake up in the morning, and thick silk curtains create evening comfort. Density curtains should be selected based on the illumination of the room during the day. With their help, you can create a chamber, closed bedroom area, or vice versa, penetrated by sunlight. Material and design curtains should be in harmony with the bed textile


White furniture for a classic bedroom must be made of natural wood. It is better to opt for a bedroom headset, made in a single color scheme and design. In the classic bedroom interior large furnishings should be in the singular, the smaller ones - in pairs, to create harmony and symmetry. Since the bed is usually installed in the center of the room, it is more logical to place the classic wardrobe with hinged doors against the wall opposite the window, at a distance from the bed. The bedside elements are usually bedside tables, lamps for them, wall sconces, small paintings, vases, figurines. If the bedroom is supposed to have a TV, then its place is opposite the head of the bed. For this fit a classic chest of drawers, combined with a cabinet or wall bracket.

In the classic bedroom is supposed to have an elegant dressing table with a mirror in a patterned frame and ottoman or chair. The design decision of this zone may differ slightly about the rest of the furniture and become a real decoration of the room. Thus it is possible to emphasize the individuality of the owner.

Particular care is required to consider the situation of a small bedroom. Some details of the classic interior will look cumbersome and unnecessarily in a small room. For example, it is worth refusing from a round bed and a canopy, and also replace the toilet mirror table with a large wall mirror on the floor with a classic frame. In the classic interior, mirrors often decorate the cabinet doors, this technique helps to further visually push the room's walls.

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