Brick facades of houses: photos, advantages and disadvantages

Each house somehow reflects the nature of its owner. Beautiful brick facades are typical for those houses whose owners are practical, choose classic elegance and have excellent taste.

The design of a brick house can be sustained in almost any architectural style - from traditional classics to the recently popular loft.

The brickwork is resistant to weather changes, temperature fluctuations and precipitation. The brick is resistant to mechanical stress, it will never go out of fashion. Another advantage of bricks is the ability to choose a facing material of almost any color, and thus get the facade of the style that you like.

The color solution of the facades of brick houses

Traditionally, the facades of brick houses have the color of a burnt brick mix, but recently a special brick has been used as a facing material, which can be given almost any color in accordance with the designer's idea.

Thanks to color, you can change the visual perception of the structure. For example, to make a massive building easier, it can be laid out of light sand brick.

The yellow brick will be perfectly combined with brown roof, windows and doors.

A white brick house under a black or dark gray roof looks modern and minimalist.

Beautiful brick facades in traditional style are made of brick red and brown shades. Houses, decorated in this way, resemble homesteads of past centuries, and give rise to a feeling of peace and comfort.

The melange style, in which one brick is lighter and the other darker, looks very interesting. The resulting effect creates a unique look at home.

In the design of a brick house is often used a combination of bricks of different shades. For example, walls are laid out with light brick, and the corners and borders of windows and doors are darker.

Another common decorative technique is the use of textured brick for decoration. This technique allows you to create real architectural masterpieces in a simple and accessible way.

The advantages of brick facades

The facades of brick houses are characterized by durability, durability, attractive appearance. But this is only part of the advantages that brick gives when building a house. In addition, brick finishing has the following advantages:

  • brick house has a clear and concise geometric shapes;
  • brick is a porous material, so it is well breathable, does not allow moisture to stagnate in the room;
  • facing brick is resistant to the action of ultraviolet radiation, since very dyestuffs are used in its production;
  • brick facades retain their attractive appearance for a long time, without the need to protect them from aggressive environmental influences;
  • this material is not afraid of temperature surges, either outside or inside the building;
  • a correctly mounted brick facade will last up to 150 years under the conditions of operation;
  • no special care is required, it is enough to wash the facade with water from a hose if it is dirty;
  • brick houses are resistant to strong wind loads;
  • the facades of brick houses rarely crack with time, since the stress indicators of this material and the deformation coefficients are rather low;
  • brick is resistant to fire, compared with other materials, it can withstand its impact longer without destruction;
  • brick is an environmentally friendly building material that does not emit harmful substances into the air and is safe for both the environment and human health;
  • brick facades are not afraid of excessive moisture, as it absorbs moisture very moderately (from 6 to 30% of its own weight);
  • the design of a brick house can be any - from this material it is possible to lay out various architectural elements, such as arches and niches, to create acute-angled and curvilinear forms, and also patterns;
  • brick facades are easy to restore - in case of damage to one or several bricks, they can be replaced by selecting the brick of the desired shade.

Against the background of all these advantages, some of the disadvantages that the bricks, as a finishing facade material, still exist, practically lose their value:

  • foundation strengthening is required, as a brick is a heavy material;
  • high cost of materials, facing and construction works.

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